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Ahead of the Curve.

Softlink Global offers end-to-end technology solutions to the global logistics and supply chain industry. We profiled the team as we…

Ahead of the Curve

2nd August 2018


Softlink Global offers end-to-end technology solutions to the global logistics and supply chain industry. We profiled the team as we seek to gain an insight into the company’s ongoing success and achievements.

Located and founded in India, Softlink now operates in every continent with its own offices or partners. Softlink’s cutting edge technology is used right from small medium enterprises to large conglomerates including DHL, FedEx, TNT, DB Schenker etc.

Cutting edge technology and unmatched domain understanding has been a key factor in Softlink’s exponential growth and its solutions being accepted in over forty-five countries. Softlink’s unbeatable team designs products to address the pain areas of supply chain industry and offer path breaking solutions.

Softlink’ derives its strength from its deep domain knowledge, strong technology capabilities, comprehending customer needs and the knack to perceive the future trends of the industry. Softlink has been relentless in its research and development work directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes. Over the years, Softlink has been remarkably successful in exceeding customer expectations and even providing solutions to customers before its need becomes apparent to them.

Right from the DOS era to the present times of cloud technology, Softlink has always been ahead of the curve, working on new developments and evolving new technologies to augment its product line. The company is also simultaneously working on many
new ideas. Softlink‘s product range includes Logi-Sys — The Next Generation ERP for Logistics and Freight Forwarding, and TradeSys — Global Trade Management application. Logi-Sys is a futuristic solution that is Blockchain ready.

Excitingly, the prodigious capability of Logi-Sys has made it a phenomenal success globally, and the Logi-Sys product has garnered a huge market base internationally, with many freight forwarders and logistics companies across the world using the application to take their organisation beyond just productivity and deliver superior services to their clients.

As a part of its learning curve Softlink has been studying the inconsistency of industry players in embracing of technology. Softlink has been active in creating awareness through various public forms and mediums on how their reluctance to go full throttle in adoption of technology has had an adverse effect on their competitiveness.

Softlink is a keen observer of emerging trends in the industry and develops a strategy for its course of action well in advance, in order to meet future requirements. It has borne fruit by establishing and maintaining the leadership of Softlink in the industry. Softlink has spearheaded innovation and introduced new and emerging technology trends that have given its products distinctive edge. The company’s products are designed to be future proof and be ready for new technology like Blockchain and other advances.

Ensuring the success of the company moving forwards, the team strives for excellence right from the time of hiring employees. Softlink’s human resource department scouts for the very best talent who live by their work. Softlink has been working to foster the practice of enquiry and learning among its people to drive them towards excellence. The work environment offers greater transparency and the employees are given immediate feedback on their performance.

Internally, the culture at Softlink follows a threefold pattern of Mentor – Space – Challenge (MSC). All employees are Mentored by experience senior to bring to the fore their innate talents. They are then given the Space to perform and Challenged to deliver their best. A work policy follows a methodical program to align the employees with the vision of the company.

Under the guidance and vision of Amit Maheshwari, the company Founder and CEO, Softlink has been continuously delivering superior products to the logistics industry across the world. His passion for technology has seen the company deliver exceptional cutting-edge solutions backed by innovations that have brought about a paradigm change in the way the logistics industry operates today.

Furthermore, the logistics industry and the supply chain are undergoing unprecedented changes. The industry will probably not exist in its current form in the near future to sustain themselves and stay competitive, players have to recalibrate their business to the changing ecosystem. Softlink is continuously evolving itself and is working unrelentingly to help its customers evolve.

Overall, there are many attributes which the company possesses which have contributed to the team’s continuous success and achievements. Under the leadership of CEO Amit, the company has been named in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards in 2018, and Amit himself has been selected has the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 for his Technology prowess, leading to widespread optimism amongst the team about what the future holds.

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