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Coaching Brilliance.

Moss Perform Limited was founded to provide world-class executive and leadership coaching. Its work is coaching brilliance. We spoke to…

Coaching Brilliance

15th February 2018


Moss Perform Limited was founded to provide world-class executive and leadership coaching. Its work is coaching brilliance. We spoke to Co-Founder, Laurence Borde as we find out about the successful coaching strategies implemented by the company.

Founded in 2012, Moss Perform is an international and open company, connecting with a truly global mindset. On offer are high calibre coaches, mentors and facilitators, and they all have proven experience in a business and financial markets context. Laurence starts off by telling us what helps the firm to stand out within the industry.

“Moss Perform is a leadership development and coaching practice with a difference. We work with organisations to meet their coaching needs across the board. We bring your people the leap they are looking for. Every day we work to unlock your potential and help you shine within your organisation.

“Possessing multi-talented staff means we are a versatile firm, and our services include individual, high-performing teams and group coaching, as well as Board and Senior Executive teams’ effectiveness assessments, impact and communication training, transition and third career management. Also, we are accredited coach supervisors.”

Laurence outlines the typical clientele of the company, and tells us what techniques the team employ in order to satisfy clients, outlining the processes which staff undertake in order to get the best results.

“It could be a senior executive who has outgrown their job or a talented rainmaker who has been
promoted a bit too early. Other people we work with include a board that spends too long discussing the things that do not matter while the things that do matter, go unmanaged. Whatever the change needed, we have a way of facilitating it and coaching you through to the best outcomes.

“Regarding the process, we ask a series of questions and work with techniques designed to get to the heart of the matter in a safe and structured way. The bigger the change the client is after, the more fundamental the questions we tackle. We work to create big leaps in performance for people and organisations.”

Separating themselves apart from their competitors, the company’s approach is different because it brings together a wealth of disciplines and members of staff, all of which are in need of advice from Moss Perform in certain aspects of their business.

“One of the main reasons clients come to us is because of our knowledge of organisational behaviour and culture, of Boards and C-Suites, of governance issues, including a strong understanding of partnerships, professional service firms and financial services organisations, strong coaching foundations, psychodynamics, neuroscience, high-performing teams and leadership. All this is underpinned by solid operational experience that is brought to bear in our conversations. We offer bespoke coaching programmes to suit each specific situation and use a number of psychometric tools to support the self-awareness and the growth.

“This methodology helps us stay ahead of emerging developments and provide adapted solutions for each situation. It also distinguishes our interventions, and our clients rate our energy and solutionfocused approach, our openmindedness and willingness to join them on the journey and our ability to work seamlessly across cultures and our ability to work at their pace.”

Starting to look ahead, Laurence discusses what the ultimate goal is for Moss Perform, with the company looking to make a positive impact in the corporate world, and this looks entirely possible thanks to the qualifications and knowledge of staff within the company.

“As coaches, our goal is foremost to facilitate a productive conversation, positive change and increased confidence and impact. Our process is based on the premise that what gets measured gets improved, that the organisation is resourced to a self-directed solution, and puts our clients’ success 100% at the heart of every conversation.

“Crucially, we are accredited and abide by the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and take our coaches’ ongoing professional development seriously. Our rapid success is underpinned by our team’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the evolutions in the coaching and development industries. Every single one of our practitioners has grounding in reallife executive work and combines this experience with a high-level coaching approach.”

Moving forward, there are exciting times ahead for Moss Perform, as Laurence predicts a brilliant 2018 for the company, with the team’s work creating lasting value, letting clients know they will not be disappointed when they opt to business with the company.

“Lastly, most people and organisations need things to change from time to time. Leaders need new ways of thinking that will lead to higher levels of achievement. Inspiration, vision and clarity of action are at the root of all growth. We bring a fresh perspective to your situation. Our clients span the range of industries and sizes. Also, we work in multi-cultural, fast-changing environments where people are asked to do more with a lot less.”

Contact: Laurence Borde

Address: 209 Tower Bridge Business Centre, 46-48 East Smithfield, London, E1W 1AW, UK

Phone: +44(0)20 3289 6077


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