CyberaVUE Brings Remote Network Operations into Clear Focus


Cybera, the leader in SD-WAN application and security services for the network edge, today announced CyberaVUE, a new cloud-based management solution to extend network insights and provide customers with a comprehensive, real-time view of remote site networks.

CyberaVUE is part of the company’s multi-tenant platform, CyberaONE, which provides a unique architecture to brands, franchisees and application partners at a single location. CyberaVUE solves conflicting network and security policies of multiple stakeholders by allowing each party to configure just their specific services. Through the CyberaVUE enhancements, the CyberaONE platform empowers brand-level security enforcement, franchisee-level flexibility, and outside partner management through a single portal.

“The evolution of business to a digital-first strategy is pushing enterprises to transform network and cloud infrastructure, to support innovative technologies that increase both employee productivity and customer satisfaction,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president, Network Infrastructure at IDC. “This is especially true for branch offices and remote or edge locations, where operators want visibility and analytics solutions to help optimise the user experience, grow business and retain customer loyalty, while securing applications to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.”

CyberaVUE applies software-defined networking principles to modernise the Wide-Area-Network (WAN) into a unique form of SD-WAN. The approach dramatically reduces networking costs while optimising application performance, enhancing brand protection, and accelerating speed-to-market.

The CyberaVUE management solution has three components:

● CyberaVUE Insights Dashboard – real-time health and network status visibility
● CyberaVUE Configuration Controller – controlled environment for routine changes
● CyberaVUE Diagnostic Toolset – monitors and identifies the root cause of local issues

“We’ve evolved our solution strategy to provide customers and partners with flexibility to take advantage of unique and rapidly changing opportunities available at the network edge,” said Andrew Lev, CEO at Cybera. “To that end, CyberaVUE delivers greater insight and control to safely access and make network changes without disrupting operations or security policies. Using our SD-WAN solution, customers have the autonomy to address remote site needs when necessary, but we’re right there when they need our highly-rated service and experience, too.”

Cybera partner, UK-based Virocom, helps customers navigate the changing retail landscape. Says Daniel Scott, director at Virocom, “CyberaVUE is a critical part of the value we strive to deliver to our customers. This enhancement gives us and our customers quick access and change control to global sites by geography, managed groups, or site status through a web portal.”

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