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Dedicated to the Future of the Trade Commodities Industry.

Established in 2004, SCCF is a Swiss trade finance house that offers financing and advisory to commodities producers, traders and…

Dedicated to the Future of the Trade Commodities Industry

13th May 2019


Established in 2004, SCCF is a Swiss trade finance house that offers financing and advisory to commodities producers, traders and distributors. From small to mid-size and larger firms mostly based in Switzerland and Asia. Earlier this year, SCCF’s Founder and CEO, Dimitri Rusca, was recognised as the ‘Most Influential Trade Finance CEO of the Year’ in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence programme. We spoke with Dimitri who offered more insight into the firm’s core ethos and operations.

The finance sector is perpetually evolving, adapting and changing to the ever-growing needs of its consumers. Fintech, in particular, has heralded in an age defined by disruption as firms look to capitalise on new technologies to ‘make right’ the errors or deficiencies of traditional brick and mortar stalwarts. SCCF has come to embody the spirit of the movement, realising that success depends on no small amount of innovation and a commitment to serving the best interest of their clients. 

In a move that seems befitting for the firm, SCCF have recently moved to utilise cutting edge technology to further distinguish themselves in what is, by all considerations, a notoriously competitive sphere. In his closing comments, Dimitri discusses SCCF’s imminent future, which aims to double down on their future-centric, innovation-first ethos. “We have launched our blockchain application to constantly follow up all the goods we finance, alongside issuing all the supporting documents related to our financing. We are therefore not only offering our blockchain platform to third party logistic companies worldwide, but also to commodity merchants and wholesales companies to raise financing from SCCF”

Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience, today SCCF offers a one-stop-shop for the trade commodities and trade finances industries, bridging the gap between borrowers and lenders by arranging tailor-made financing for their clients, as Dimitri explains in more detail.

“SCCF specialise in sourcing short term financing for companies active in the trading, production, processing, tolling, transportation and distribution of essential commodities throughout the world. We focus primarily on small and mid-size corporates, mostly based in Switzerland and Europe, and recently also in Asia, and seek to build longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, making ethical conduct central to our organisation.”

Naturally, as an authority working in the financial industries, SCCF ensure that corporate governance remains a key aspect of the firm and its ongoing operations. In a sector that is only becoming ever-more regulated, SCCF aim to differentiate themselves through a commitment to proactivity and accreditation. In recent years they have implemented robust and secure Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering processes, and are regulated by the Swiss AMLA authority, O-ARG – which in turn, is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Clients can rest assured that SCCF’s expertise is unquestionable.

However, as Dimitri moves on discuss, SCCF has flourished on the back of the team at its core, who truly embody the firm’s impressive work ethic and have worked hard to drive its success over the last fifteen years. “The firm’s success has pivoted on the back of our specialised staff – young and senior dedicated professional, most with a background in trade finance banks or commodity trading firms. We are a very homogenous group consisting of a 50/50 gender split.” 

Contact: Dimitri Rusca, Founder and CEO

Company: SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA

Address: Geneva, CH-1204, Switzerland


Telephone: +41 22 310 89 89


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