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Intelligent Networks and Exponential Thinking.

Erden Capital Partners (ECP) provides tailor made management consultancy services based in London. We caught up with one of ECP’s…

Intelligent Networks and Exponential Thinking

17th January 2019


Erden Capital Partners (ECP) provides tailor made management consultancy services based in London. We caught up with one of ECP’s Founding Partners, Murat Erden who provided us with a glimpse into how the firm is able to deliver consistent exceptional results.

Established in 2017, Erden Capital Partners (ECP) serves its customers to survive and benefit from the Age of Uncertainty in Financial Markets. The firm believes in emerging, intelligent networks and exponential thinking.

Offering B2B consultancy to start ups, joint ventures, private placements, capital restructuring, trade finance and private equity backed companies, ECP associates itself with international consultancy companies to reinforce their consultancy management activities. The firm focuses exponential growth and restructuring projects where ECP advises on formulating the optimum commercial, legal and corporate structure considering customers’ objectives and requirements. ECP has already established a track record in corporate governance advisory practices where its customers benefited significant improvement in their maturity level.

Founding Partners and business partners demonstrate proven background in multidiscipline industries, each with more than 20 years track record of hands-on experiences. One of the firm’s Founding Partner’s, Murat Erden was recently selected in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence as the Most Influential CFO of the Year 2018 – Financial Markets. Murat is a highly accomplished CFO with an extensive background in the Banking, Investments and Telecom Industries.

Mr. Erden received his BA degree in Economics from Bogazici University, Turkey. Later, he graduated from San Diego State University with an MBA in Finance and started his professional career at Treasury and Capital Markets in Bankers Trust. In 2011, Murat joined Turkcell as Head of Treasury, then served as Group CFO till 2016. During his 25 years of corporate career, Mr. Erden held various non-executive board and executive management roles. When discussing his most recent venture, ECP, Murat begins by detailing the firm’s overall mission and how both himself and the team ensure that their clients receive the best possible outcome.

“Here at ECP, we deliver value based management services with fast, focused, friendly and flexible approach. We make sure that the Vision, Strategy, People, Technology and Processes of the organisation are properly defined, resourced and aligned with the shareholders’ interest.

“Additionally, we aim to build long term relationships with our clients who are value driven and incentivised to improve their corporate governance maturity. We ensure that our advisory service has clear action list and sponsors within the organisation to deliver the expected outcome.”

Engaging with top experts, professionals and consultants with a solid track record in delivering top performance and interpersonal skills, it comes as no surprise that ECP is able to stay ahead of the game, especially within a competitive industry. Highlighting the key differentiators between ECP and their competitors, Murat explains how the team are able to stand out in the industry, marking themselves as the best possible option for clients.

“Our advisory services are structured with clear action and necessary resources lists to accomplish the desired outcome. In addition to this, our definition of success is achieving satisfactory performance in vast majority of services. However, we do not capitalise on few and random success stories as opposed to the competitors.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Murat signs off by revealing the exiting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at ECP.

“Moving forward, we have a series of engagements in advisory services in emerging technologies, how to adopt them to industries and companies planning to survive and be successful in the future. Also, we are aiming to spend more and more time with organisations to elevate their corporate governance practices.”

Contact Details

Contact: Murat Erden

Company: Erden Capital Partners (ECP)

Address: 1 Ebury Sqr, London SW1W 9AH

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7730 7938


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