Issue 2 2019

Corporate Vision Issue 2 2019

Welcome to the second issue of Corporate Vision Magazine, bringing you the latest news and innovative features from across the global business landscape. This month we spotlight the drivers of business growth – those firms that work behind the scenes to secure success. Whether they be digital marketing experts, or creative agencies, we sought to recognise the hard work that goes into ensuring continued development across a plethora of markets and sectors.

First up is Float Digital, an award-winning boutique SEO agency based in Cornwall. Sam Charles, the firm’s Director, sheds some light on their work at the forefront of the marketing industry. As CV’s ‘Rising Star in Search Marketing’, they have utilised an expertise in the digital marketing sphere to achieve swift real-world results for their clients.

Elsewhere, we spoke to Sam Furr, Founder and Product Director of Tappable, for more insight into their personal, honest and user-centric approach to mobile app development. Recognised in CV’s 2019 Creative programme, Tappable have long pioneered a true end-to-end digital service that is catered entirely to their client’s vision.

Finally, Ted Edwards, CEO of Reharvest Timber Products Ltd, took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his company’s sustainability-first ethos for their work in timber-based manufacturing. As the name implies, Reharvest specialise in reusing waste wood to create eco-friendly products that are safe for children, animals and nature alike.

The team here at Corporate Vision Magazine sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this insightful issue, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.