Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Ospyn is a leading software vendor offering digital transformation to enterprises of various sectors through its Ospyn Docs platform. We profiled the firm and caught up with Prasadu and Kishore who revealed more about Ospyn and how they became the digital transformation solution of the year in India for 2019.

Established in 2009 by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar, Ospyn was created with a vision to become a digital transformation partner for enterprises by offering BPM, ECM and document management solutions for business process automation. Over a span of 10 years, Ospyn has evolved into a major player across 12 industries with 80 plus customers in India, Middle East and Africa.

For enterprises that are tethered with disconnected operations, paper-based processes and fragmented workflows, Ospyn acts as the digital transformation partner, bringing agility and automation across each of their operations, as Kishore explains.

“At Ospyn, our enterprise content management platform Ospyn Docs and BPM solutions are live across 12 verticals, enabling enterprises to manage their content, business processes, workflows and internal operations in one platform, thereby offering real time visibility, instant collaboration and quicker end results. With a decades’ presence in the industry, we take pride in streamlining operations and enabling enhanced customer experience for 80+ enterprise clients.”

Currently, Ospyn’s file flow solution is live across 60+ government departments, enabling them to go digital by automating their file processing and approvals. This particular solution helps to manage file-flow, inward processing, collaboration, archival, search, document management and also dispatch. In addition to this, the solution also eases the traditional processes with automated workflows and digital repository.

When discussing the various solutions the firm offers, Prasadu informed us about the clients Ospyn delivers, both their exceptional services and personalized services.

“We offer B2B solutions where our clients vary from government departments to high-tech digital enterprises. The approach to each client differs based on their requirements, people and business processes.

“For instance, we help our government sector clients to overcome their irrational barriers; both in terms of change resistance and technological ignorance by offering handholding and multiple training sessions to support their people transformation and process digitalization. Whereas for process oriented institutions and enterprises, we identify the bottlenecks in their business operations that are error prone and implement intelligent process management solution to streamline those industry specific operations.”

Enabling the firm to deliver this level of service, is the experienced and committed team which forms the foundation of Ospyn. Having established a strong internal culture, Kishore is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“It is no secret that our employees play a major role in bringing innovation to our core platform. Most of our senior tech giants are with us from the inception of the firm, and still continue to enrich our platform with advanced technologies and evolution as we expand the business.”

Since their inception a decade ago, Ospyn has established a strong client base in India and has recently entered the markets of Middle East and Africa. The firm’s content management platform has attracted most of their major customers and has earned them various business partners, system integrators, data centre service providers across the globe.

From the very beginning, the uniqueness and flexibility to fulfil the outgrowing requirements of clients has been a key point in defining the credibility of Ospyn’s products. Bringing the interview to a close, Prasadu signs off by revealing how Ospyn’s solutions have already established themselves a place in the market, as well as the plans the firm have in place to help them expand in the years to come.

“By replacing the prominent solutions offered by top players in the market, our platform has earned an identity of its own. With artificial intelligence and robotic processes, our platform is currently being enriched with advanced functionalities for an enhanced user experience. Going forward, we are in the pursuit of entering into European and American markets.”