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Could You Become A Freelancer?.

Being a freelancer is the most popular and easiest way to take your skills and utilise them in an environment…

Could You Become A Freelancer?

15th January 2020


Are you bored of doing the same work day in, day out? Are you sick of the people in your office? Are you tired of staring at the four same office walls every day?

Have you thought of going freelance?

Being a freelancer is the most popular and easiest way to take your skills and utilise them in an environment that you enjoy working in. That could be working from your own living room, or changing offices and meeting new people every week. There are plenty of jobs that can be taken freelance, it is no longer limited to just journalists anymore.

The technology sector, the administration sector, and the marketing sector are just a few that are bursting with opportunities for people who want to enjoy the freedom of being a freelancer.

The biggest concern that people have when becoming a freelancer is the salary. Will they earn as much money as they would do working for a big company? And the answer is yes. If you put in the hours that you would do at a regular 9 to 5 job, then you can earn the same amount and even more.

Some of the top paid freelance jobs are:

Web Developer

From building websites to coding new apps, if you have the knowledge and knowhow to be a web developer, then you could take your business freelance. Every 21st century business needs a website, and they will pay well to make sure that their company is represented well in the digital space.

SEO Specialist

If you understand the world of Search Engine Optimisation, then you will be in very high demand. Much like with web developers, every company needs an online presence and if you can boost their pages to the top of the google search ranks, then you will be very sought after indeed.


Not to be confused with copyrighting, a copywriter is someone who creates, and or edits, copy for companies. Copy can be anything from writing content for webpages, creating blog posts, writing product descriptions for clothing brands, drafting and sending newsletters or ad campaign emails to promote businesses.

The salary of a freelance copywriter will depend on their experience level and how impressive their portfolio is.


Being a translator is actually one of the most popular choices for a freelancer, if you have the ability to speak more than one language, then why not monetise that skill and earn a living as a translator? Some countries will require you to take a certification to become a qualified translator but apart from that, the process is particularly simple.

PR Consultant

Whether it is PR for a small business or for an individual, PR consultants deal with anyone from jewellers to influencer, and they help their clients with projects and campaigns. The PR market is growing from strength to strength and a lot of people are choosing it as their career path. Make sure that you have a strong portfolio of your previous work behind you to help you stand out from the crowd.

Some freelance jobs are full time and highly paid, while others can be part time or a once-a-week role that you take on. These freelance roles are not as highly known.

Some of the little-known freelance jobs include:


You can become a notary and work freelance as a side hustle. Being a full time notary is not so popular, but as a part time freelance role, it is becoming increasingly more prevalent. You can find freelance notaries by using Superior Notary Services and seeing the advantages of a mobile notary service for yourself.

Customer Service Support

Freelance customer service roles are few and far between, which makes them pretty unknown in the freelance industry. But if you are a good communicator and have customer service experience, large corporations may hire you and you can work from the comfort of your own home, dealing with customers from your living room.

Pet Sitting

Because it is new to the online world, pet sitting is not a very well-known freelance job role. However, there are now petting sitting websites and apps popping up all over the world. Budding pet sitters can upload their profiles, including information about themselves, the kind of pets they would be willing to look after, and whether they offer dog walking or overnight sitting. It is a great way to make some furry friends and earn money at the same time. If you have any animal related qualifications make sure you put them on your profile.


Whether for a wedding or a business function, you might have employed a photographer and never even considered that their jobs are technically freelance roles. Photographers and videographers who are able to edit their own work with a relatively quick turn around time are always going to be in high demand.

There are only a few noticeable cons to being a freelancer. The one that is mentioned the most is loneliness. Without having an office to go to, some work at home freelancers reportedly say that they find their jobs quite lonely. Additionally, for those freelancers in the creative fields, they have no colleagues to bounce ideas off of and so writer’s block can be common. These problems can be easily solved with the help of online freelance communities. Freelance communities are there to help people to connect with other freelancers who will be sharing their daily struggles.

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