3 Easy Side Hustles to Try While in College

College is often considered to be the first step in your adult life. For most students, the college years become the period of life when they start trying to manage their time and balance their work and studies. You need the extra money, so you need to find a side hustle to do to earn it. Generally, students pick the following jobs:


Dog Walking

Fast-food cashier


Home health aide

And those are perfectly fine jobs, but if they don’t appeal to you, you need to search for opportunities beyond them. You may also get that “Am I getting a diploma to do that?”-attitude. And, after all, we live in the digital age, which gives us a lot of work opportunities that don’t require leaving the comfort of our homes. So, let’s see what side hustles you can take.

Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing, then you can try your luck in freelance writing. Always wrote essays on your own? Then you can work in one of those do my homework for me services, where you’re going to write essays for other students. But that may work only if you are into study-related topics. You have your own studies, after all, so that can be a bit boring.

But freelance writing doesn’t end up with doing somebody else’s homework. You can write articles on various topics, including dating, psychology, cinema, politics, etc. The work is enjoyable and doesn’t require a lot of time if you have a passion for writing. It doesn’t interfere with your studying, as all you need to do is keep up with the deadlines.

Online Tutor

If, while reading the previous point, you thought that doing homework for others is a great thing, it means that you have a true passion for studying. Actually, there were fellow students and youngsters at school whom you frequently helped during your school years. Maybe you should try teaching yourself instead of just helping people with homework?

Have you thought about online tutoring? You can set up your own working hours and offer online lessons for any subject you are good at. You can help kids with Math if that’s an easy task for you. If you know foreign languages, you teach them online. There are a lot of people who would like to learn French, German, Spanish, or Japanese.

Customer Support Consultant

Another option is becoming a customer support consultant. It does take some training, so it is better to become one during summer. You will learn everything about the product that you are going to support, as well as the rules of communicating with the clients. You will be supervised during your first steps on this job, but then you’ll be able to do everything on your own.

If you are willing to become a customer support consultant and keep up with your studies, you need to pick the support service wisely. Chiefly, you should choose the 24/7 support service. This means that you are going to work in shifts, with no regard to business hours. Such a schedule will allow you to balance work and studies.

Handling customers can be hard at times, but it pays quite well. On average, support consultants get $32 per hour, which means that you can make over $1000 per week. Depending on your studies and the day of the week, you can pick the morning, evening, or night shift. Just mind that working night shifts too much may take a toll on your well-being.

Final Thoughts

So, you have three side hustles to choose from to earn some extra cash during your college time. The support consultant is probably the hardest of them all as, depending on the product, there are a lot of rules on how to communicate with customers properly. You may have to explain the same thing over and over, and the “As I’ve already explained”-phrase may be considered to be extremely rude.

The freelance writing and online tutoring jobs are less difficult when it comes to rules and regulations, but they can be difficult as well. Meeting deadlines can be challenging at times, and having too many students can be tricky. But, the three jobs listed here are just a few side hustles you can do while in college, and there are many more.