3 Types of Writers and How They Benefit Your Business


With the surge in technology in the past 30 years, it seems that tech-related jobs are becoming more highly valued, and the writer is falling by the wayside. Finding good writers for businesses often feels like an afterthought instead of an intentional choice. Writing often feels more like a soft skill, but the truth is, having good writers is vital for your business. Whether you are writing internal documentation or creating marketing briefs, writers are essential. And while developers are important for a tech business, writers help out everything together.

There are many different types of writers. While you may think of writing as poetry and stories, writing is also instructional and helpful. Good writers help businesses communicate important facts both internally and externally. You need a variety of writers to help your business succeed. Here are three types of writers who can benefit your business starting today.


Technical Writers

If you have the most brilliant developer in the world creating apps behind the scenes, it doesn’t help you if you have no documentation behind what they create. Technical writers use a variety of tools including technical writing software  to break down complex information to make it more usable. They create how-to guides, instructional manuals, documentation for clients, and so much more. They are skilled at taking a process and creating easy to follow directions that help almost anyone complete the task. They make information more useful and usable.

The implications are endless with how a technical writer can benefit your business. They can create internal documentation that helps to train new employees. They create user guides for customers. Technical writers can bridge the tech and non-tech parts of our business. Want to teach your marketing team to use a new process or technology? You can have your technical writer create the documentation. If you need to create a course that teaches staff about new company policies, a technical writer will benefit you greatly.



Got a product to sell? It’s not going to sell itself. A skilled and talented copywriter can help you transform your product into money. They are the sales writing part of the writing engine in your business. The best copywriters make customers excited to spend their money with you. The customer shouldn’t feel like you’re some sleazy car salesman, but they should feel like your product meets their needs. Copywriters work with the marketing team to write copy that gets used in promotional materials. These written pieces can be in your online store, social media, your company website, mailers, emails, and more.

A good copywriter understands the audience, what makes them tic, and how to use words to help get a sale. They tell stories, woven around your product to draw in the right people. The copy they write is valuable to help you succeed in selling your product.


Content Writers

Content writers are skilled at producing relevant, interesting, and useful information mostly for websites and social media. Content writers understand their audience, know how to pick out the right keywords, and even understand the intricacies of SEO, hashtags, and more. A content writer can showcase important parts of a business and create content that’s valuable for their customers. If you have a blog for your business, you need a good content writer.

Need a good article highlighting 5 important health tips? Get a content writer. Need a blog post that pinpoints your audience pain points? Also a content writer. Need someone to share daily original content for your social media fans? This is also the job of a content writer. Content writers don’t write with the intention to sell. They educate, inform, and inspire audiences through valuable content day in and day out.

While writing may seem like a soft-skill for many tech businesses, writers are a critical piece of the whole. They create valuable guides and instructions. Writers help you sell your products. Writers keep your audiences engaged and informed. Don’t overlook these valuable employees. Be intentional about hiring the right writers for each part of your business. While some of the skills overlap, copywriters, content writers, and technical writers all have distinct skill sets, that when used best can help you grow.