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4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands.

Your Instagram marketing strategy shapes the success of your Instagram presence. Amazing content is nothing without the right kind of…

4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

1st October 2020


Your Instagram marketing strategy shapes the success of your Instagram presence. Amazing content is nothing without the right kind of exposure to the best kind of audience. Brands often overlook the importance of some of these marketing tips that could be a lifesaver on Instagram.

From the content you make to everything in between – this blog is meant to help you utilize this platform in the best way possible. Some of these steps are your one-way ticket to real organic growth. The better you are at executing content, the more people will want to gather around to see it!

But without any further ado, let’s begin with the basics.


Business for Business

When it comes down to utilizing, there’s no better way to begin than by switching from Personal to Professional account. 

The Business features connected to this specific account are out of this world. Instagram has made sure to create a comfortable atmosphere and space for growth for all businesses on its platform.

Using that welcoming nature for your own business is what you should do.


This is how to switch to business mode:

  • On your profile, Tap Settings.
  • Then tap Account.
  • If you have a Facebook business page connect it to your Instagram account.
  • Add business information and details.
  • Press Done.

And that’s it! It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes for potential internet stardom.


Optimise Your Instagram Account 

Information should be optimized and spoon-fed to your audience as well. You have to find a silver lining between not overwhelming your folks and not being too reserved.

Here are some guidelines on how to practice this important step:

  • Username: Make it short and clear, no need for special characters. 
  • Name: It’s up to 30 characters, but being straight to the point works here as well.
  • Category: Pick a category that best describes what your business is about. 
  • Your website: A URL that’s clickable and changeable any time you want to change it. 
  • Call-to-action buttons: Give your audience the option to connect with you from the get-go.
  • Contact information: Don’t make it difficult to get in touch with, you’re no Beyoncé! 


Expand your Community 

One of the things Instagram is known for is giving an opportunity to its creators to create a community around their brandThese are not just physical numbers on someone’s page. These are real people with genuine interactions and thoughts on both you and your business. Here is where Flock Social comes into the picture. Their organic growth service can help you immensely! From actually growing your business to how to get shoutouts on instagram. The possibilities are endless and their free trial requires no credit card! They are a great way to get you started off on the right foot!


The Content & Caption Duo

Your content is as valuable as the marketing strategy itself. You need quality posts to carry your top-notch exposure game. Especially if you sign with Flock for example. Take your time to capture and edit photos. Even if you need extra time, take it. That’s the part of your brand and account people will connect to the most. As for the captions, make sure they are both words of value and engaging. You don’t them to be too long, so people won’t be bothered to actually read them. Try giving a question to your audience or something that’s going to provoke their thought process until they comment on it. That’s the real trick right there!

There are many aspects to social media strategies, especially on Instagram. Testing most of them out until you find what works for you is the best policy. Until then, try giving your account to the pros of marketing. They might take your brand to heights you ever thought were possible!

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