5 Hospitality Tips for Achieving Top Rated Customer Satisfaction

Resort Customer Service

As a significant portion of the world receives the vaccine and life returns to normal, resorts may notice an increase in business. Companies can utilize the boost in traffic to raise their customer satisfaction ratings. There are five effective methods of achieving top-rated gratification, placing your hotel above your competitors.


1. Know Your Guests

A hotel’s staff can increase a customer’s experience by getting to know them before they arrive. They can access essential information about their guests by connecting with them on social media or having them fill out a questionnaire. Staff members can gather their activity preferences, dietary restrictions, pronouns and more, increasing a customer’s comfort upon arrival.

Addressing guests with their preferred pronouns can enhance inclusivity and validation. Staff members can also use customers’ information to create an inviting and appealing atmosphere. They can increase an individual’s comfort by catering their stay to their interests and needs.

Resorts can add specific amenities that enhance guests’ experiences based on their general interests. If your hotel attracts many families, you can install a children’s pool or play area to increase customer appeal. Similarly, if you have many couple guests, you may cater to their comfort by adding private outdoor dining areas.


2. Develop an Easy-to-Navigate Website

Creating an easy-to-use website can also improve guest satisfaction. Resorts can add chatbots to their sites, increasing an individual’s access to service during low staff times. When chatbots can provide helpful information, a social feel and enjoyable dialogue, they can improve satisfaction rates.

Efficiently designed websites can also minimize staff interaction for guests who value privacy. They may use the digital features to order room service, reserve spaces at the pool, book an excursion and more. Adapting the site to all guests can increase comfort and access to information.


3. Listen to Your Guests 

Active listening is another tip for improving satisfaction and stay ratings. When employees hear a customer’s concerns and provide active or emotional aid, the individual feels valued and pleased. Staff members can practice active listening by evaluating a guest’s words, body language, tone and more, gathering a broader understanding of their message.

Social interactions contribute to 10% of a customer’s happiness. When employees actively listen, they increase the social experience and improve a guest’s mood. Elevating an individual’s level of satisfaction can increase a resort’s ratings.


4. Hire the Top Talent

Organizations can improve customer satisfaction by hiring employees that specialize in service. Resorts can ensure the efficiency of their workers by evaluating their customer service philosophies before offering them the job. They may also hire individuals for their personalities because positive employees elevate guests’ moods.


5. Track and Assess Feedback

During the checkout process, the resort can also request feedback information from guests, improving their service in the future. After gathering the feedback, employees can create a positive and negative feature list, assessing different effects on customer satisfaction. They can then use the list to promote effective techniques and features while preventing adverse ones.


It is More Than a Smile

When companies are searching for ways of increasing customer satisfaction ratings, it is essential to look beyond positive greetings. Various aspects of a stay can impact a guest’s level of enjoyment. Remembering all customers are different is crucial, and you can improve satisfaction levels by diversifying your approaches.