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5 Most Useful Features Of An Auto Dialer.

Auto dialers tend to be crucial for relatively any business. This technology is quite inexpensive, requires no special skills, and…

5 Most Useful Features Of An Auto Dialer

23rd September 2020

auto dialer

Auto dialers tend to be crucial for relatively any business. This technology is quite inexpensive, requires no special skills, and is easy to use. Also, in-house marketing representatives can use the auto dialer features to improve productivity and increase opportunities for sales. 

Here are five out of the many useful features of an auto dialer you should consider for your marketing campaign:

1. Easy Integration To CRM

Some business owners believe that adding new technology to marketing practices takes a significant amount of time, money, and effort. But, auto dialers may prove such a thought wrong. 

An auto dialer, like Call Cowboy, can easily integrate into other marketing practices. It’s because this technology can connect to your current customer relationship management (CRM) software. Thus, you don’t have to use another app to feed contacts into the auto dialing software. 

Some auto dialers may even offer cloud-based integrations. You can take advantage of these cloud-based features to capture and retrieve data from the cloud. In turn, it allows you or your marketing representatives to contact potential leads or existing clients from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. 


2. Unproductive Number Detection

Does your cold calling or telemarketing team have problems with contacting numbers that don’t respond?  Note that voicemails, answering machines, and unanswered calls are unproductive numbers. In other words, these contact numbers tend to have little to no opportunities in improving your marketing campaign’s success rate. 

A reliable auto dialer tends to have advanced features, such as the automatic filtering of unproductive numbers. For example, one of your marketers tried calling a particular lead twice. However, those calls returned with no results as the person didn’t answer their phone. So, the system will perceive this event as a ‘no show,’ allowing other members of your marketing team to not bother with this phone number again. Other staff members may still attempt to call this individual, but they might do so using manual dialing instead.  


3. Predictive Dialing

Contacting potential leads and customers using cold calling and telemarketing techniques require putting deep importance on the value of time. In other words, timing is crucial in marketing through the telephone. Each second spent should allow marketers to get the most value out of the call. But, one second might spell the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. 

For example, one of your cold callers was trying to find the contact information of a particular lead in your CRM. Perhaps, this act took that individual three minutes before finding that phone number. Then, it took about ten seconds more to manually input the phone number using a conventional telephone.

Overall, it took about three minutes and ten seconds before that cold caller could even attempt to touch base with the lead. Some people might think that the time spent in doing this act isn’t so bad. But, if this scenario repeats several times in a workday, that marketer may lose valuable opportunities as they can use the lost time calling other individuals. 

Keep in mind that a company overlooking technology may stifle its business growth. Hence, a reliable auto dialer is one technology that may improve sales opportunities and enhance chances for business development. 

Let your marketers use an automated dialing app with predictive dialing features. With these functionalities, the software chooses the next number to call, and it should only take a few seconds to complete. Therefore, your business isn’t wasting time in contacting valuable leads and clients. Now, you and your marketers can make the most out of any workday by maximizing efficiency in employee productivity.


4. Set Pacing Speed

Keep in mind that each human being has their specific skills, talents, and flaws. This notion is still correct when looking at your marketers. For example, one marketer may finish a cold call within 15 minutes, whereas another can do it in five minutes. But, does that mean that the individual that took longer to complete the call is more inefficient than the other cold caller?  It depends as several factors are at play here. 

However, the cold caller who took longer might have a higher success rate than the five-minute finisher. One of the factors that may affect this success is the pacing of the calls. 

Some auto dialers can adjust the pacing of each dialed number, allowing your marketers to reach leads or customers at a desirable speed. Going back to the previous example, the 15-minute cold caller might take about ten seconds to breathe before dialing another number. On the other hand, the other marketer might require more time before contacting another person. 

This pacing feature may also benefit businesses in another way, and it depends on the length of the calling list. For example, your contact list has 100 phone numbers that your company needs to call within the day. Furthermore, your 20 cold callers are ready and waiting to touch base with the individuals in the contact list. Now, if each call finishes in about ten minutes, your marketers might complete the entire calling list in less than an hour. If this scenario happens, you’re going to pay for your marketers’ idle time. 

With an auto dialer’s pacing feature, it uses different algorithms to study each caller’s desired calling speed and the length of the calling list (along with other factors). This technology helps businesses make the most out of each workday, allowing employees to make the most out of each second.  


5. Follow Marketing Laws

Businesses need to follow strict marketing laws or, else, they’ll be on the receiving end of legal charges. Trustworthy auto dialers should have features that follow and respect these regulations, allowing you to have peace of mind while contacting potential leads. 

On that note, an automated dialing system may filter phone numbers registered in the ‘Do Not Call’ registry. Hence, you or your marketers won’t have to worry about calling individuals found in this list. 


Final Words

Your marketing representatives should do well with a reliable auto dialer. This program has several useful features, such as easy integration to a CRM, unproductive number detection, and predictive dialing. Use the right auto dialing app for your business, and you may see growth in productivity and sales soon.  

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