6 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass In Your Office

Artificial Grass Office

When we hear artificial turf, we typically associate it with lawns found outside. But nowadays, you can also find them in indoor spaces. Artificial greenery is not just decorative but can also create a relaxing ambiance inside an office, sporting establishments, shops, and more. If you’d like to incorporate artificial grass into your office space, the following are ideas on how you can use them to add some fun and creative atmosphere to your workplace.  


Meeting Room Carpet 

Most offices won’t pay much attention to the décor of the meeting room, but colors can impact the psyche of office employees. It influences interactions and responses in specific settings such as the work environment. Business owners must understand the role of the office environment because it can affect employee performance and productivity.  

Green artificial grass Toronto is a soothing color and can promote harmony. It is also tranquility-inducing and minimizes anxiety. A green turf in the meeting room also adds a pop of brightness if the walls and ceiling are in muted colors. If you’d like to inspire employees, go for the green artificial grass. 

1. Use As Wall Coverings 

Artificial grass is not limited to the floor only. They can also be used to cover the walls of your office space. Synthetic grass can add life because of its green color, which is one of the simplest and easiest ways to boost workplace aesthetics. It adds texture to a flat and barren surface as well.  Artificial grass also has various shades and designs that you can choose from, so your office doesn’t need to have just one shade decorating the whole office. Explore and experiment with these variations for a natural feel. 

2. Artificial Grass Door Mat 

Artificial grass doesn’t have to cover an entire space. It can be a specific size that you can place at the entrances of your office. Artificial grass can also serve as door mats that help keep the workplace hygienic. The grass catches debris and insects and may also help dry footwear.  

They can vary, and the bigger, the better because it’ll be easier to wipe your feet on them. Door mats range in sizes that can be suited to any door. It’s also easier to clean because all you need to do is put it under running water. These door mats have latex at the back and holes for draining water.  

3. Staff Room Flooring 

The employees can benefit from green spaces, which help ensure their safety and general well-being. You can make the staff room comfortable for your employees in many ways. That includes covering the flooring with artificial grass that makes the floor non-slip and can easily protect the original surface flooring. Aesthetically, the artificial grass will also add a bright ambiance and fresh look throughout the year. You don’t have to keep changing the turf, requiring little to zero maintenance. 

4. Create a Rooftop Garden 

The rooftop garden can make use of artificial grass to cover the flooring. At the same time, you can also repurpose old couches and cover them with artificial turf. Add rattan or leather chairs, low tables, and solar-powered lighting. The garden can also be a lounging area where your employees can have drinks at the end of the day.  

5. Flooring For Pets 

Is your office pet-friendly? Some offices allow employees to bring their pets, and 78% would do it if their employers allowed them to. Pets make life better by minimizing team member stress. That is, until it’s cleanup time.  

It’s best to designate a pet area and lay down artificial grass that will trap mud, dirt, and other debris. It’ll help keep your office floors as clean as possible so that the maintenance staff won’t be bothered with pet cleanup. Artificial grass is also safe for your pets.

6. Create a Putting Green 

You might’ve seen it in the movies or on television where big bosses are playing putty in their offices. You could do the same with a piece of artificial turf. But here, not only you but also your employees can get to play it during their break time. It’s a fun way for them to relax and boost morale. Putting green also helps you bond with your employees as you can include it in various activities.  


In Conclusion  

You can use artificial grass in many ways, and it only takes your creativity. Even faux grass can make a difference in a space because of its lush green color. You can even use artificial grass to keep the place clean and safe for your employees. You can improve things at the office by upgrading them with artificial grass.