6 Great Tips on How Effective Recruitment Can Help Your Business Grow in 2023

Constantly replacing employees and making new hires isn’t only time-consuming and a bad long-term investment for the business. In addition, turnover rates can affect the company over time, and it’s never fun to always hire a new person.

Each year, a company will experience a turnover rate of 18% with its workforce. As a result, most HR professionals are considering new steps, but many still need to stick to their old habits and make improvements.

What important recruitment tips can you follow for growing your business this year?

Let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more.

6 Recruitment tips to follow for growing your business in 2023

Use an applicant tracking system (ATS)

If you are an HR manager, you’ve come across an ATS before. It’s the modern-day tool of organizing streamlines by creating open jobs, screening applicants, scheduling and coordinating interviews. Also, rolling out offers on time for roping candidates in. Nearly 70% of large companies use an ATS, so it’s common amongst almost all companies of all sizes.

Additionally, it offers analytics and reports to help you fully understand what’s occurring in your hiring process and points out the direction of changes you need to make.

An ATS should be used for finding potential fits for your job openings. The days are over when you have to rely on manually checking potential candidates. However, when you use an ATS system, you have to use one that’ll help you create jobs, set up career sites and publish them to job boards and social media sites.

For example, you need to look for tools like Freshteam, which allow you to publish your job boards on social media, set up employee referral portals, manage candidates, schedule interviews, grow your candidate database and more.

Every time you choose an ATS, think of three important factors it needs to have:

– Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

– If it supports integrations

– Mobile-optimized

Offer a hybrid working model

After the pandemic, many employees got used to a remote working lifestyle. After the initial lockdowns, most people assumed they’d return to the office full-time, but the story changed as the pandemic continued. Most employees preferred working from home and adjusted to this lifestyle. However, the most exciting part is that many employees left their jobs because they didn’t want to return to the office!

Most companies that don’t care about hybrid working might struggle to hire top talent and even receive applications from top talents. During a job search, most candidates will avoid jobs that want them to work at the office full-time.

Around 50% of companies want their workers back at the office, but millions have left their job because of this.

What solutions can you follow if you own a business requiring lots of office work?

– Employees can choose the work location based on their priorities

The company decides the day employees are allowed to work from home

Employees can work half the week remotely and half on-site

Employees work remotely most of the time but will make numerous visits to the office each month

If we compare employees, some prefer to work at the office and some remotely. However, the best way to come in between these personal opinions is to offer a hybrid working model.

Post your job vacancies

Regarding your job vacancies, you can post them however you wish. It can either be with or without job boards. When you post job vacancies online, here are the best solutions we have for doing so:

– Post your vacancy on social media: Almost everyone we know uses social media. With the many scrolling made each minute, plenty of people are waiting for a new job offer. Your best bet is to use LinkedIn as a social media platform because it’s a B2B platform specially used for hiring someone.

– Post openings on your website: It may sound quite obvious, but posting website traffic is excellent for getting applicants to post jobs online for free. Having a career page on your site is always good because it allows you to create a talent pool and cultivate it in the long term. Make it easier for users to find a job opening and you’ll have top talents faster than you can imagine.

– Post on job sites: Other than LinkedIn, a social media platform, job sites directly allow candidates to apply for a job. Popular job sites include Glassdoor, Indeed, Ladders, PostJobFree and more.

There are plenty of alternative ways to share your job poster, but these are the most effective solutions. Of course, you can consider other options too, such as social media groups, governmental sites, posting job openings at local university sites, participating at job fairs and more.

Communicate the company’s values

The company’s values are what attract candidates to the right company. However, many companies’ values are only general. Communicating values allows you to build relationships with your candidates and attract workers that are more likely to stay.

In other words, you can think of the company’s values as a compass for your brand. Regardless of your company’s direction, they need to remain steady, accurate and fixed. The company’s core values should reflect its daily culture, policies and employee experience.

However, how can companies communicate their values during the hiring process? Let’s find out more:

– Have all of your company values written in the job description

– Encourage your recruiters and hiring managers to redirect their values during an interview

– Send out additional information on the companies values and mission

– Design a recruitment process for developing these core values

Participate in job fairs and hiring events

Due to the distance between workers across the globe, many hiring managers might find it a better choice to meet someone live and hire them. In-person time is an excellent option both for the employer and the candidate, so they can know more about each other and understand each other’s values further.

Job seekers always find it interesting to meet future employers in person since they have a better chance of expressing themselves than communicating online. In addition, the current demographics are shifting to a younger workforce more oriented on culture, mission, and authenticity than its predecessors.

Seek to increase the hiring budget

You might not be as successful as you think in hiring candidates if you don’t have the proper budget. The right budget will help the recruitment manager allocate the necessary funds in the right place and track how much resources and time the process will take. Spending money to attract suitable candidates is important, but it’s even more important to determine how much value recruitment will bring to a company when considering your budget.

Nevertheless, remember that top talents require a better budget to hire. This is because they are the ones who will bring new values to your company and always require more attention compared to when you are hiring a regular candidate. After all, you need the necessary resources for hiring someone, right?

The final breakdown

Nobody ever said it’s easy to hire candidates. Therefore, we recommend you stick to the following tips and try your hardest to follow them. Seek to increase your hiring budget, communicate the company’s values to the job seeker, try to meet up with them at a job fair or local university, be flexible with on-site work and post your job openings online.