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7 Ways to Use Virtual Payment Cards For Your Business.

Online payments are becoming the norm for shoppers these days. One can enjoy cashless transactions using a credit or debit…

7 Ways to Use Virtual Payment Cards For Your Business

30th March 2022

Virtual Payment Card

Online payments are becoming the norm for shoppers these days. One can enjoy cashless transactions using a credit or debit card. But it’s different when those behind the business are utilizing virtual payments. There are risks entailed by utilizing physical cards for staff use, and that is why many companies are choosing virtual payment cards instead. The following describes how businesses are taking advantage of virtual payment card benefits.

1. Control Spending

Virtual payment cards allow more visibility on business expenditures, which is one of the benefits of virtual payment cards. It will be difficult to determine who made a given transaction if many people use the same payment card. Because you can only find out the facts of a purchase after it has been done, you might lose control over your spending.

Companies can issue virtual payment cards to every team member. The finance department can easily track down spending because of their unique virtual card numbers.

You can create multiple virtual payment cards for vendors, suppliers, or service providers to make it easier to monitor how much the company pays. The virtual cards are for single-use only, which makes them more secure.

2. Encourage Teamwork

As mentioned above, virtual payment cards can help control the spending of everyone in the company. But it also allows various teams to keep tabs on the shared expenses they make. It inspires teamwork, as well as collaboration to figure out ways to limit their spending to what they need. At the same time, these teams can work on a fixed budget for quarterly campaigns.

3. Minimize Payment Fraud

Virtual payment cards are managed by payment platforms made for secure transactions. They make it one of the best ways to protect businesses from fraud. As fraudulent payments are now becoming rampant, companies must utilize safety measures regarding payment practices on the internet.

Virtual payment cards are secure because there are no physical cards to steal away and no credit card numbers to copy. Once the dollar amount has been sent or transferred to the recipient, the virtual card immediately expires.

4. Captures Card Transactions Automatically

Creating financial reports from credit card statements can be a hassle, mainly when multiple people use the company account. It is harder to track who made the purchase, so holding the user accountable becomes harder.

But with virtual payment cards, once the amount has been spent, the card transactions are automatically captured online. If you’re wondering how to upgrade the accounts payable function, it’s about time that you did because you can synchronize the virtual cards with the system for streamlining invoice management.

5. Saves Time and Money

Virtual cards are preferable for making purchases outside of regular supplier payments. You don’t need to wait for a physical card to arrive in the mail. It only takes one click to create virtual payment cards with different numbers, and your team can use them to spend on business needs. Virtual cards also free your team from manual work. They don’t have to rely on cash or other payment options because the digital transactions take less time to operate and lower costs than regular admin tasks.

6. One Card Per Client Each

If you are in the business of making purchases for your clients, you can also create a virtual card dedicated to that specific client alone. For example, a personal shopper can use the card to purchase clothing items and then bill the client later. The client can set up how much limit the virtual card has, such as USD$5,000, and the personal shopper can stay within the budget and avoid overspending.

7. Event Hosting

Companies planning events must also be careful about how much they spend. If your company hosts a lot of events throughout the year, you may create virtual payment cards for each of them to keep track of spending. Those in charge of each event can also stay within the budget.

Each team member can also check the amount available in the credit line and decide whether to pursue a luxury purchase or go for an affordable one.


Virtual payment cards have many uses in the business. Primarily, it allows your business to make safer and more secure transactions because it helps you avoid identity theft fraudulent payments, as well as limit company spending. Creating a card is fast and allows you to give your team unique ones to continue supporting business operations. Virtual payment cards are the safer payment option for your company.

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