A Beginner’s Guide to Business Automation


Businesses are always in fierce competition, no matter what industry. They remain competitive through effectiveness and efficiency to keep sales steady and afloat. Whatever the size of the business, there’s no doubt that automation is a key component to the success of an enterprise. It’s essential to incorporate it in various business areas to help boost revenue, keep operations running, and maintain a solid customer base. The following are ways how you can apply automation to your business:  


1. Identify What Needs Automation 

If there are tasks in the business that needs automation, that would be the ones that are routine, repetitive, and unlikely to change for some time. Here are examples: 

  • Accounts payable processing 
  • Finding leads for the sales team 
  • Hiring and onboarding employees 
  • Filing and reporting analytics and metrics 
  • Sending email campaigns to customers 
  • Scouring and gathering data and information 

It’s also important to understand that business process automation (BPA) needs human guidance, especially startups. Some systems require the proper setup to run smoothly. It’s the job of the business owner to map out the processes. Then you can assign various tasks to your employees. In the future, you can apply automation to those processes when new technology appears.  

Identifying which processes cannot run without manual means is also essential. A good example is when customers make inquiries regarding the company’s onboarding process. The staff must be on standby to answer these questions. IT services also need looking after because technical errors can happen at any time. When you can’t afford too many mistakes in a startup, you can visit the IT company in Orlando VTCT for more information.  


2. HR and Onboarding  

Legacy recruitment prevents the company from hiring diverse talents. BPA allows you to use HR automation for efficiency. The human resources team can focus on developing employees and improving engagement. It frees the employees of tedious menial tasks to strategize and make informed decisions. Application of automation in your HR department minimizes costs and times wasted on processing and planning. 

With BPA, the human resource department can efficiently track employee working hours, productivity, and leave requests. Managing their benefits packages and other essential information is kept in a centralized system that critical employees can access. With automation solutions, you can create a payroll management system that does the calculation of gross and net pay and include taxes. Using a software saves time and errors.


3. Marketing or Advertising 

It used to be that business owners spend thousands to get the word out about their products and services. TV ads, print ads, and billboards for freeway motorists to see were advertising methods that only large companies could afford. Today, the Internet boom has changed the way people receive information. Marketing is now mostly digitized, especially since people spend a lot of time online.  

Once you decide to automate your marketing efforts, you’ll need to invest time and money on platforms and services that cost only a fraction of TV and print ads. With digital marketing, most of the work is done for you. You don’t even need programming knowledge to reap the benefits of a wider audience reach.  

Using software will help manage multiple marketing platforms, especially with repetitive actions like sending out newsletters containing promotions. If you need assistance with marketing online, you could enlist the help of a digital marketing agency.  


4. Customer Base 

Whatever the size of the business, a customer base is a solid foundation that you need to maintain. Growing the number of customers interested in your product isn’t easy, and that goes with dedicating time to each of them. Customers can easily get tired of a company that is slow to respond to their needs. They move somewhere else when their concerns aren’t being addressed.  

Utilizing BPA allows your staff to respond to customer complaints and queries efficiently. That helps prove the legitimacy of the business and improves customer experience. Setting up appointments with clients becomes easier with digital reminders that also benefit the client. Application of BPA helps save time and avoid missed appointments. 


5. Accounts Payable 

Managing finances takes a careful process because they are prone to errors and disorganization. The use of manual methods are taxing, and you can’t undo mistakes, especially when using paper purchase orders and invoices. You also need to track them and ensure that processes are faultless.  

Accounts payable (AP) automation is about minimizing human intervention and reducing tasks prone to mistakes from accounts or trade payables. Using an AP software digitally connects you to your merchant partners. You can experience faster approvals of invoices and have greater visibility for suppliers to track payments. Get on-time payments and improve your working capital management as well.  


6. Social Media 

Businesses with social media accounts on various platforms are taking advantage of their traffic. But managing multiple accounts can be difficult, especially when other tasks are to be done. The average number of social media accounts that businesses tend to have is three, and channels may require different types of content.  

While they are a part of your business since they contribute to social proof, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much time managing your social media accounts. There’s no need to create personal replies as that may alienate your audience. Use automation tools to manage your content by scheduling posts. Social media analytics can also help you improve and keep marketing campaigns on par with your goals.  


In Conclusion 

Automation through digital means can help your business simplify processes. It allows your staff to concentrate more on strategizing for boosting sales. Management becomes more accessible, human errors are minimized, and customers are happier with your brand. Automation in your business gives you a fair chance to grow with your team.