Best Railway Security Consultancy – Europe

Leipzig train station at night with two speed trains about to leave

SIDOS UK Ltd is a leading security consultancy firm that provides security solutions to a range of clients, including the rail transport and architecture industries. The company boasts a diverse and highly-qualified team, a wealth of knowledge, and decades of experience. In essence, for a premium security consultancy experience, SIDOS UK Ltd is the clear choice.  

SIDOS UK Ltd is a full-service security firm that offers its services to a multitude of clients across a range of industries. Skilled within a range of areas, including combatting threats of terrorism, crime, and antisocial behaviour, SIDOS endeavours to reduce security vulnerability whilst always ensuring that, in the event of an incident, the overall impact is minimised. Be it working with architects to integrate security into designs or employing recruits who have been trained at the UK Home Office Centre of Excellence, SIDOS provides a premium security service.

Indeed, SIDOS pushes for constant development in order to cultivate quality. Innovation is the driving force behind the company, its solutions are advanced and have quickly spread as a cause for inspiration throughout the industry. Using an approach now adopted by many, SIDOS recommendations for security measures always follow the mnemonic JASPAR Justifiable, Achievable, Sustainable, Practical, Affordable, and Reasonable. Consequently, SIDOS has become a specialist within its field, carving a name for itself as a leading security consultancy – especially within the rail transport industry.  

The company focuses greatly on continued professional development as it is this that allows SIDOS to remain up to date with an ever-changing industry. Moreover, SIDOS benefits from an abundance of knowledge which it has developed over the years, spanning across decades of practical experience working in different circumstances. Of course, this then creates a foundation upon which SIDOS can provide informed solutions to its clientele.

Furthermore, SIDOS benefits from a highly professional team. Operating as a micro company that performs above its size, SIDOS has built a workforce that strives to supply the highest level of consultancy regardless of the project scale. The team, whose key members boast high-level qualifications and training, thrives upon effective communication, teamwork, and passion. In essence, each member of the team wants to make a difference.  

In an industry that has transitioned towards prioritising profits rather than clients, this creates a clear divide between SIDOS and the wider security market. Organisations and companies typically take a checklist or generic approach to security recommendations, which often results in solutions being unrealistic and disproportionate to the actual threat. In addition, it is incredibly easy for persons to enter the industry, as the checks are minimal, and association membership is easily obtained through the completion of an application form. SIDOS are different. It prides itself on maintaining a highly educated, skilled, and qualified team. The company formulates solutions that guarantee efficacy, taking into consideration scale and the clients’ requirements. 

Consequently, SIDOS has numerous plans for development in 2022. Its honing in its focus upon two key areas – suicide prevention and victims of terrorist incidents. SIDOS has developed an understanding of the impact of suicide and has therefore decided to actively engage in raising the need to consider this risk more during the design of buildings and sites.   Additionally, SIDOS has come to a decision that terrorist attack victims are often overlooked and are now offering an expert witness and post-event review service of the appropriateness of physical security measures.

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