Best Ways To Earn Money With Crypto in 2022

The cryptocurrency market remains profitable and it has expanded both in terms of its influence and in terms of venues it offers to make a profit. This is because cryptocurrencies are now accepted by the mainstream financial institutions and governments and it has become a legitimate way to invest and earn.

As is the case with most investment opportunities it’s best to diversify your investments and try out a few different earning venues at once. That way you can minimize the risks and cut your losses if one of them doesn’t turn out as you’ve planned.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The most common way to earn from cryptocurrencies is to invest in one as you would in a foreign currency market. The basic investment principles of buying and holding until the right time come to apply to this market as they do to others.

The goal is to find a stable currency that will continue to grow at a reasonable pace or at least a currency with a predictable value. That way the investment becomes a truly passive source of income, where you don’t need to do anything but wait and make a profit.


Mining cryptocurrencies has become more of a challenge lately since it requires a lot of complex equipment that needs maintenance as well as energy to run it. That’s why alternatives such as cloud mining have come up and found their way to investors.

Cloud mining providers such as the ones you can find on Truely provide the equipment and maintain it for you. In return, the investors pay a fee and aren’t involved in the actual process. This allows small and mid-size investors to get their footing in the market for a reduction in their overall profits.


Investing and mining are more about the long-term profit you can make out of cryptocurrencies. Trading on the other hand is more of a short-term strategy with which profits and benefits are noticeable right away. There’s no room for buying and holding until the asset shows its true value.

Trading requires strong analytic skills that will help you understand the value of a cryptocurrency and its potential right now. Once you’ve acquired a share of a cryptocurrency the goal is to sell and flip it for profit right away, before its place in the market changes.


Lending is relatively new when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency but its principles are the same. Cryptocurrency lenders earn from the interest paid by the lenders. It’s not an opportunity everyone can use since you need to have enough cryptocurrency saved that you’re able to lend it in the first place.

As there are more investors and more mining, chances are that the lending size of the business will grow as well as there are more coins to borrow. The market is still too young to predict any long-term trends regarding lending.

Crypto-based Social Media

This is the newest addition to the cryptocurrency market but it’s the one that has the most potential as well. There are social media sites that operate based on cryptocurrency and that pay content creators in crypto as well. The only thing you need to do to earn is therefore to create engaging content.

At this point, it’s a niche interest and the content that gets the most engagement and therefore earns the most is about crypto and the markets themselves. If you can provide such content, there’s money to be made.

Free Tokens

Free cryptocurrency tokens are used as promotional tools made to raise awareness about the industry and its potential. They are usually awarded to those who back a cryptocurrency project from the ground up. At this point, there are a lot of gaming projects that utilize crypto, as well as gambling establishments.

Should You Invest in Crypto in 2022?

When you take a broad view of the cryptocurrency market in the last five years everything points to growth. The value of a BTC is now 500 percent of what it was five years ago and the markets are no longer a niche interest, but an actual industry.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and there are ups and downs to it, sometimes steeper than those with the traditional investment schemes. However, in a broader sense investing in cryptocurrency is a good way to make a profit. It’s also a chance to be a part of the biggest shift the finance world has seen in a generation.