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Business Security at its Best

Based in Hampshire, Dacha Security Solutions Ltd are a leading provider of security systems to the leisure and commercial industries…

Business Security at its Best

18th May 2020

Based in Hampshire, Dacha Security Solutions Ltd are a leading provider of security systems to the leisure and commercial industries across the UK. Following on from their success in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Tim Edmonds to find out more.

As a family-run business, Dacha Security Solutions Ltd have been offering bespoke security systems and ‘off the shelf’ solutions to suit the requirements of their clients since 2009. To start, Tim offers more insight into the firm’s specialisms and its existing client base.

“The team at Dacha are specialists in protecting and enhancing our customers businesses and operations. As recognised experts in the installation and maintenance of CCTV, access control, visitor

management, meeting room management, car park management and intruder systems, we are well equipped to handle most things that are thrown at us. In addition, with our innovative approach to integration and linking these systems alongside other BIM systems, we are able to give customers useful data and information at their fingertips.”

“Traditionally, we have worked within the leisure sector, but the last few years has seen us take a chunk of the logistics and public sectors as well. Our approach to new business is driven by our leadership team, who are fastidious about looking in to serving a new industry. Collectively, we need to know and understand the companies, their challenges and their opportunities to be able to offer them our unique service. Only when we are confident in our knowledge in that sector can we even think about approaching clients.”

Since forming in 2009, Dacha’s approach to their clients has always been to treat each one individually, assessing what kind of security system they would gain most from. Tim added “While some companies can get stuck in a rut pushing out the same system time and time again, we understand that each one of our customers has a completely different set of threats and opportunities and by taking these into account, we can help them drive their businesses forward. It is truly our passion and innovation that makes us stand clear of others.”

Although the firm have endured success delivering security systems to their clients, in the early days this wasn’t the case across Europe, particularly in relation to the leisure sector as Tim goes on to explain. “The firm’s biggest challenge is one that has shaped the way we approach new business. Our unique and vast knowledge of the leisure industry meant we were the experts in Europe for a reason. However, this was a challenge to our growth plans as we felt it would be difficult to replicate how we work with our customers in other industries. The decision was made to focus our efforts on a single new vertical at a time and to really learn it before we took on new customers. How we have overcome this challenge has certainly helped define our growth strategy.”

As a business, Dacha aim to deliver a quality service to their customers, with every member of staff collaborating to achieve one goal. As Tim goes on to explain, by going that extra mile, the firm deliver what they have promised “We’re a team of self-starting, mission-driven individuals with a passion for purposeful innovation and going that extra mile. Throughout the team, we are lucky to have an over-riding principle that we all believe in – which is to deliver quality unrivalled service at a fair price for our customers.”

Like many others, the staff at Dacha have an integral role to play in the success of the business and as Tim points out without their staff’s contributions, they wouldn’t be the renowned firm they are today in the security industry. “Our staff are key to every decision we make, every job we do and every customer interaction we have. In addition, keeping our staff well trained and happy is further integral to achieving Dacha’s goal, and something we continually do and strive to improve upon.”

In regard to recruitment, staff retention is clearly something the firm feel quite strongly about and as Tim goes on to explain, a candidate’s career aspirations must be considered prior to offering any kind of position. “We take a leading approach to growing our team. Rather than looking at a candidate and just their experience we try to get to understand the individual who wants to become a part of our journey. As a firm we place a heavy emphasis on career development, so we need to be the right fit for them and vice versa.”

Finally, Tim commented on the future of the firm and the plans that are in place for the coming year and beyond. “Going forward, whilst we have been great at delivering our solutions and services, we haven’t been great at shouting about it. With a recent restructure we have a new sales strategy with a clear message about what we do and why, to bring new customers into our excellent fold. As we continue to grow rapidly, we will be on the lookout for innovators and disruptors to join us on our journey!”

Company Name: Dacha Security Solutions Ltd

Contact Name: Tim Edmonds

Telephone Number: 0333 344 5526

Address: 6 Pedlars Walk, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1EZ

Web Address:

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