Issue 9 2021

Welcome to the September edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

We’ve seen a great deal of change in the way we live and work over the past year, much of it driven by the effects of Covid-19. Now that we are looking at life beyond the pandemic – or rather, life beyond lockdowns and social distancing – it is clear to see that some of these changes are here to stay. From remote working across continents to the rise of digital communication, technology exists at the centre of our development, both personal and professional.

In this month’s issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we explore a broad spectrum of businesses across the world that are evolving and modernising through the use of innovative technology. From Trade Processing and Reporting Services Firms like this month’s cover company, Point Nine, to businesses in the financial, automotive, health and even education sectors, this month’s selection of companies is proving that the future is digital.

We invite you to join us in discovering more about the fascinating work of the award-winning businesses featured within this September issue. We wish you all the best for the month ahead and look forward to welcoming you back for the October issue of Corporate Vision Magazine.

Issue 8 2021

Welcome to the August edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

It is fair to say that the last month alone – let alone those that came before it – has been hectic for all across all industries and regions. From vaccine rollouts to an Olympic Games, the positive and growing conversation about the climate crisis to the often troubling state of current affairs, the world is an overwhelming place right now. But we must look onwards with a sense of optimism.

The companies featured within this issue of Corporate Vision Magazine are doing just that. From reshaping internal strategies to better suit the way we work now to reshaping the future of the industries they operate in, positive change and development is clearly the focus.

Fortunately, with the support of organisations like Alchemy Crew, our featured company for this month, business growth to success is well within reach. We find out more about the lab-based operation that offers a wide client-base venture validation and business growth solutions with proven and tangible results.

As ever, we hope you enjoy reading success stories from across the corporate world in this month’s issue, and wish you all the best until we meet again in the September edition of Corporate Vision Magazine.

Small Business 100

Welcome to the Small Business 100, I don’t need to tell you that small businesses are the backbone of most international economies and are widely undervalued. This special edition supplement is designed to give credit where its due and create a brand-boosting celebratory focus around just 100 small businesses. The profiled businesses will be active in a range of sectors in various locations. They will be united by their tireless dedication, proven ability to adapt, commitment to growth and development, sound management, confidence in their product or service and of course, their passion.

Issue 7 2021

Welcome to the July edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic may not yet be behind us, there is a sense of new beginnings in the air as businesses and global marketplaces reopen and look with cautious optimism to the future. While we may still be living with some limitations, the corporate world is ready and waiting for the new economic era that awaits us beyond the pandemic. With it comes the opportunity for transformation and rejuvenation and for many businesses, the lockdowns have been a chance to look inwards and consider how they can emerge stronger than they entered the pandemic.

In keeping with the theme of renewal and revitalisation that occurs throughout this month’s edition of Corporate Vision, our cover story looks at R3 Stem Cell, the experts in regenerative medicine. R3’s approach looks within the human body to harness its own repair mechanisms in order to restore the body, without the need for surgery. The company’s focus on internal transformation for the sake of its overall wellbeing is therefore a fitting metaphor for the rejuvenation of many of the companies featured within our July edition. 

We hope you enjoy the latest edition of Corporate Vision Magazine and as ever, wish you safe and well for the month ahead.

Issue 6 2021

Welcome to the June edition of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

As 2021 rushes by, it seems almost unbelievable that June is already upon us. However, with it comes a great sense of optimism in the corporate world, as businesses all over the globe settle into the new normal of life after Covid-19. Whether they be making the tentative first steps to returning to the office environment or embracing the remote working style as a more permanent fixture, it is clear that for many, we are moving out of the pandemic and looking ahead to innovation and development within a new digital and economic era.

With this new emergence, however, comes new risks. How to stay safe when working in an office, how to maintain collaborative relationships when working remotely, how to ensure that technology can be relied on to protect valuable company data? Ghangor Cloud, our featured company of this issue, is one such business to be tackling these problems head on, with its solution to the latter issue of cybersecurity earning it recognition as the ‘Best Platform for Cyber Security’ in 2021.

As we embark on the second half of 2021, we look forward to bringing you more stories of success and innovation from the corporate world. For now, we wish you all the best for the month ahead.

Issue 5 2021

Welcome to the May edition of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

As we see the much-anticipated return to normality on the horizon after many months of lockdown, many of us are wondering what the new normal will look like. For some, it’s a relief to finally return to the office, while others have found the WFH set-up much more amenable. Elsewhere, companies that were once limited by their geography can now collaborate on an international scale thanks to the rise of digital communication platforms. Meanwhile, others have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to evolve, coming out of Covid-19 as a whole new business ready to take on a new economic era.

In this edition of Corporate Vision, Stefan Ott, Founder of this month’s featured company, Confinity Solutions, tells us how Confinity has always looked to the future, pioneering innovation since day one to ensure its clients have the resources to deliver the very best in financial services. Consequently, when faced with adversity, Confinity was well-placed to adapt, utilising advanced technology to ensure that its worldwide clientele continued to benefit from highly valued, market-leading solutions.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Corporate Vision and the success stories it features of businesses across the world as they gear up for life after lockdown. We wish you well for the month ahead until we meet again for the June edition of Corporate Vision.  

Issue 4 2021

Welcome to the April edition of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

April seems to have come and gone with a speed that few other months have had, and it hardly seems possible that we are already a third of the way through the 2021 calendar year. Still, it is beginning to look like business as usual for a great many companies following the national easing of lockdown rules in the United Kingdom, but many other places are still grappling with new waves and variants of the virus. However, the corporate and business world has continued to soldier on.

One area of the world that has been hit particularly hard in the last fourteen months is that of the arts. However, our cover this month celebrates the work of BroadwayHD, and its achievement in being crowned the Best Niche Streaming Service 2021. Streaming services is something that has seen a boom throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, and BroadwayHD has capitalised on this to ensure that musicals can still be brought to those who love them. Also featured in this issue are stories of success across property management platforms, accessible cybersecurity, and a passion for programming.

2021 continues to be a year where many will seize opportunities that presented themselves in 2020. More stories of success, more outstanding innovation, and more brilliant businesses await readers in these pages that follow. As always, we wish you well and hope you stay safe until you can join us again for our next issue in May.

Issue 3 2021

Welcome to the March issue of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

Yet another month has passed, and with it comes the closing of 2021’s first quarter. Though the world is still being put to rights following the events of 2020, the business world is looking beyond the present to the wealth of opportunities and hope that the future holds. One of the most exciting things about the future is the emergence of new technologies, and ways in which technology can be used to enhance life.

Technology is one thing, but having it in the right hands is another thing entirely. Our cover this month focuses on the team at eStruxture, who have some exciting news about an acquisition that is sure to shake up Canada’s data centres industry. Another of our highlighted success stories is that of Bruce Clay Inc., a firm that is celebrated for fantastic services and offerings within search engine optimisation training. The world is getting more digital, and Bruce Clay Inc. is right there at the cutting edge.

If this is what the first quarter of 2021 has to offer, then my hope and expectation is that this will be a year to remember for many businesses as they come back from a harrowing 2020. Whatever may come, there is sure to be innovation, success, and excitement aplenty. Until then, stay safe and well, and enjoy the success stories within these pages. See you in April!

Issue 2 2021

Welcome to the February issue of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape.

Another month down and we’re closer to closing out the first quarter of 2021. Whilst – for many of us – the world hasn’t quite returned to normal, the business world is preparing to jump forward to recover lost time. Last year was a stalling period, a time to pause and strengthen what could be strengthened and to reinforce foundational values. In some ways, years from now, 2020 might be seen as a blessing in disguise – as challenging as it was at the time. After all, it was easy to get wrapped up in the unstoppable march of the greater landscape, and to leave important considerations to the side in favour of more growth and more market share. I know of many companies – of all sizes – who took the opportunity to refocus attentions and take stock of what might have been missed in years prior.

If 2020 had any benefit, it was this.

It is my expectation, then, that 2021 will herald a time of immense productivity and focus. And here, at Corporate Vision, we plan on keeping up with it all. So stay tuned. It might be a touch chaotic.

But, for now, enjoy what is in these pages and have a good month ahead – See you next issue!

Issue 1 2021

Welcome to the January issue of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape.

As we take the first tentative steps into a new year – somewhat hesitantly, impacted as we all are by the challenges of the previous twelve months – it’s important to focus on what good things did happen in 2020. The groundwork that was established. The new products that were launched. The changes that were made to better protect businesses moving forward.

By all regards, technology played a key role in 2020. From keeping people connected when we all felt so very distant from one another, to opening new doors for companies of all sizes to continue, in whatever way they could. In many ways, it’s the closest the business world has come to being fully integrated with technology, across all industries and sectors. In all locations. It’s difficult to see how those close ties can now be untangled, so entangled as it is in the fabric of the professional business landscape. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how this symbiotic relationship develops, and how businesses -who perhaps had ignored those elements in years past – embrace the opportunities that the online world and better connectivity can offer.

But, for now, let’s hope 2021 proves to be a better year for everyone. See you next month!


Issue 12 2020

Welcome to the December issue of Corporate Vision magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape. For the last edition of 2020, we have collected a diverse selection of insightful pieces which reflect and celebrate the accomplishments many businesses have achieved during the last 12 months, despite all that has happened.

From a gigabit internet service provider for recreational spaces which has established a reputation for being an influential leader in wireless technology, to a successful platform that holds billions of data points on millions of UK companies, that can be used by investors, advisors and corporates as information and insights to make faster decisions – all of these businesses share common traits such as optimism and success which has enabled them to reach extraordinary heights during these times of uncertainty.

Taking time to provide us with an insight into how businesses can achieve excellence by incorporating three core pillars into their practice, is Mr Rodney Peyton, OBE MD who features on the cover of this month’s issue. Mr Peyton has outlined how Vision, Culture and Branding are key factors in achieving Corporate Excellence.

The only thing left to say, is that I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2021.

Issue 11 2020

Welcome to the November edition of Corporate Vision magazine, your monthly source for all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape.

From the latest updates from the marketing and coaching sector or recent innovative technology launches, we are devoted to finding and accumulating all of these insightful pieces to create our monthly publication.

As we enter the final month of 2020, we begin to reflect on the rollercoaster ride this year has been for countless businesses, regardless of their location or sector, and highlight the opportunities and successes which have blossomed.

Whether it be a drastic increase in the interest to their products or profit made, or being able to continue working during these unusual times, this month’s issue of Corporate Vision is filled with diverse selection of pieces which celebrate the accomplishments of consultancy firms, regenerative therapy companies and even a AI solutions company. One company in particular which grace our cover of this month’s issue is Global Touch, a shining example of how to stay ahead of the game, even during times of uncertainty.

As always, the team here at Corporate Vision hope you stay safe and that you have a wonderful month ahead.