Concerts & Other Live Events Are Coming To The Metaverse

From public address systems magnifying sounds to the internet introducing live streams and event recordings – different inventions have impacted the way live events are held.

With the ground breaking advent of virtual reality in the metaverse, it is now possible for you to attend an event without leaving your home.

No wonder why companies are now organizing and selling tickets en masse to virtual events in the metaverse.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the concerts and other live events coming to the metaverse.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, companies set up virtual events that people can access from anywhere in the world thanks to advancements in event technology.

These concerts or other live events are then made available on various streaming platforms like SongKic,k Medical Vr and YouTube live.

To access this service, you’ll need to purchase tickets, these tickets will give you direct access to experience these live concerts from the comfort of your home.

You can make use of tools like virtual reality, augmented reality and surround sound to enhance this experience, so it feels like you are right in the room where the event is held.

Concerts In The Metaverse

Witnessed by over 10.5 million people at Fortnite’s Pleasant Park, the first Metaverse event was the Marshmallow concert in February 2019. Marshmello’s top hits, such as ‘Everyday,’ ‘Happier,’ and ‘Alone,’ were performed at this brief concert.

A similar concert performance in the Metaverse is the collaboration of Roblox, a global online gaming platform, and the musical duo Twenty-One Pilots in 2021. The event featured some of the songs by the Musical duo like ‘Shy Away,’ ‘Heathen,’ and ‘Saturday.’

Wave, a virtual entertainment medium, also featured the pop star, Justin Bieber. And with a digital avatar of himself, Justin performed different tracks from his album ‘Justice’ for various fans around the world.

The more recent use of immersive technologies in concert, which took a step further into the Metaverse, is the musical group ABBA Vogage, where the famous group was represented with younger digital avatars.

With the help of artificial intelligence, these digital avatars were used in making stage-oriented holograms representing the famous group.

Holding concerts in the metaverse is a solution to the lockdown situation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some concerts were cancelled, and some couldn’t hold because of the safety precautions introduced by governments to prevent the spread of the virus.

Nevertheless, with virtual concerts, the entertainment industry would no longer be plagued by such constraints, artists and companies can host concerts and sell millions of tickets without placing a crowd of people in a single location.

Other Live Events

It doesn’t stop there, there are rumours that Disney is set to open a virtual theme park! This theme park would be run with virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance the user experience.

Universal Studios also plans to introduce a Mario-themed ride in Japan using augmented reality to create virtual characters that visitors can interact with.

This move to the digital space also stretches to other live events from football and basketball matches to conventions, rallies and other live speaking events.

The live event scene has changed forever with AR and VR technology powering virtual events. Companies are now hosting hybrid events that you can choose to attend either in person or from your home.

This way you can also save money that you would have spent on plane tickets, a bus or whatever other means of your transport.