Concocting the Formula for Business Growth

Business Growth

Securing the success of its clients through a multitude of venture invigoration and business growth solutions, Alchemy Crew gives its clients the recipe for taking their businesses to the next level.

Alchemy Crew is a lab-based company working in venture validation and commercialisation for insurers, reinsurers, and financial services institutions. It has a wide client base, serving a variety of companies across various industries, but most prevalently is approached by companies wishing to enter the highly digitised tech sectors. Alchemy Crew prides itself on its innovation and the top-of-the-line services with which it serves its clientele, providing deep sector expertise, data driven insight, and timely and effective execution. To do this, it applies its decades of cumulative experience – all stemming from its team’s enviable breadth of knowledge in their field. This has allowed it to cultivate a process of innovation, fuelled by digital developments and ecosystem building techniques that allow it to accelerate a client’s business’s growth. Typically, after Alchemy Crew’s aid, a business sees expansion in its ability to partner with other emerging NewTech players, its ability to invest, and its ability to further build and develop.

It encourages its clients to be disruptive, to break up the monotony of the ordinary, and to dare to be different. Alchemy Crew accomplishes this by way of establishing new methods of growth; with the fresh perspective that it can offer, its clients often find they can regard their business with fresh eyes, and thus leverage emerging corporate venture techniques in ways they hadn’t considered. It is this switch in perspective and refreshing new vision that Alchemy Crew’s clients appreciate, as it in turn helps them better deliver their products, ensuring that these services are meeting the needs of the customer and reaching them effectively. The name of the game has always been adaptability. The past year has been no different in this way; upon the advent of the Covid-19 outbreak, Alchemy Crew pivoted its services to fully remote with the support of Innovate UK.

During this time, it virtualised its entire structure, and upgraded its processes across the board as a show of its dedication to constant improvement. It offers a light option with its R&D lab, which speeds up a client’s own R&D processes, a core reinvention engine option, which accelerates product launch and commercialisation, and a build option through its venture lab, which is a highly tailored service dedicated to improving the design of bold new businesses. Working in such a high-pressure environment, often with strict cost constraints, Alchemy Crew’s core values are built to keep its team motivated and efficient. With a commitment to truth and authenticity, the celebration of differences, integrity, self-improvement, and balance between approaches, every “crew” member is highly driven. Furthermore, its team staunchly keeps its goals in mind, allowing for service that is uniform in its excellence only, and completely tailored in all other aspects.

Over the course of working with a client, Alchemy Crew takes the risk out of ventures so that a business may fearlessly pursue success. With a new normal that is being broken and remade every day, and an industry that is somewhat of a battlefield, Alchemy Crew finds vigour and inspiration in helping its customers navigate. Due to the scalable nature of its services and the impressive number of capabilities it has, it is often approached by insurers and financial service institutions, start-ups, scaleups, and grown businesses, and investors – from VCs to corporate VCs. This wide-reaching model as well as its elegant adaptability to changing trends has gained it significantly notoriety in its sector. Due to this, it keeps its internal structure as fluid as its business model; but keeps the atmosphere one of ambition and learning, and this is something it intends to maintain in the future. To close, it has this to say to its supporters: ‘We want to thank Innovate UK and Zurich Insurance for their trust in our work and for enabling our team to test, refine and evolve a model through collaborative engagement.’

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