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Corporate Transport. Necessity or Luxury?

Corporate transport is passenger cars or multi-seat mini busses designed to meet the company's need for the transportation of employees.

Corporate Transport. Necessity or Luxury?

30th January 2023

Corporate transport is passenger cars or multi-seat mini busses designed to meet the company’s need for the transportation of employees.

Сorporate coach charter for transportation of personnel – an assistant for modern business

In large cities and megacities, the transport problem does not cease to be relevant. Traffic jams, impressive distances from home to work, financial waste on travel: people who work at various enterprises face this every day. Owners of many organisations, to improve labour productivity and increase employee loyalty, choose a corporate bus rental.

What problems does corporate transport solve?

The work bus rental is not only an additional “bonus” for the employees of the enterprise but also a great advantage for the company as a whole. When organising the delivery of employees to the workplace and home after the end of the working day, you can solve several issues:

  • Minimize lateness.
  • To increase the loyalty of workers to the management.
  • To improve the productivity of people, respectively, to increase the productivity of the company as a whole.
  • Make the team friendly and united.
  • To increase the prestige of the company in the labour market, to attract qualified workers with experience to work in the organisation.
  • To exclude unauthorised departure of employees earlier than the scheduled time – to strengthen labour discipline.
  • Ensure safety for workers during travel.

If the transportation of people is organized, the company will be able to introduce a shift or night work schedule, while there will be no reason to worry about whether the employee will be able to be at the workplace on time. Using corporate party bus rental for organising team building.

Corporate bus services: convenience for the company and employees

The decision to use a corporate charter bus, for example, BCS Bus Charter rental is often made by large companies, where the labor of a large number of employees is involved. This is done in two ways: the purchase by the enterprise of its transport for the transportation of people or the rental of a bus with the services of hired drivers.

The organization of service delivery, as proven in practice, contributes to the improvement of the company’s work, and there are several reasons for this.

Improving labour productivity

The journey from home to work takes a long time, especially in a big city, and public transport does not always work properly. This causes travel delays and lateness, negatively affecting the workflow. The number of them is sharply reduced if employees can come to the place of work by official transport. Corporate delivery allows employees to arrive at the enterprise and has time to start work without delay.

Staff motivation and increased satisfaction

Employees who are provided with delivery to their place of work by corporate transport do not spend any money or extra time on the road. At the same time, their daily trips are more comfortable than traveling on public transport. Such attention of the company to the needs of employees increases their sense of satisfaction with their work.

Introduction of a shift or flexible schedule

The specifics of production often require shift work or the establishment of a different schedule than the standard one. In this case, it is even more difficult for employees to arrive on time, especially at night, when there is no public transport. If the place of work is located in a remote area or outside the city, then you can only get to it at an untimely time by private car or taxi. The organisation of service delivery helps to find a compromise between the interests of the company and employees.

Solving problems with company bus service

In the conditions of modern business, there are always several indisputable reasons why corporate transport is needed.

When renting corporate transport, the services include:

Logistics coordination. When hiring a corporate bus, you don’t have to worry about handling logistics, ensuring that everyone arrives safely and on time.

Cost-effectiveness. The corporate bus eliminates the need to reimburse employees for any travel-related expenses that may be incurred during the trip.

Maintenance. You can be sure that all their passengers will arrive at their designated place safely, comfortably, and on time.

Charter buses are fully equipped with toilets, TV, stereo system, air conditioning, and other modern amenities.The advantages of corporate transportation are undeniable. However, its main benefit is the optimisation of the company’s work by eliminating the inconveniences of the way to work.

Young handsome businessman is sitting in luxury car. Serious bearded man in suit is working with laptop and talking on smart phone while being in trip.

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