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Creating New Rules.

BreachLock is at the forefront of cyber-security technology. We speak to Seemant Sehgal about the firm as it is awarded…

Creating New Rules

24th April 2020

BreachLock is at the forefront of cyber-security technology. We speak to Seemant Sehgal about the firm as it is awarded the title of 2020’s Most Promising Security Testing Solutions Provider.

USA-based BreachLock offers a unique SaaS platform delivering ondemand, continuous and scalable security testing suitable for modern cloud and DevOps powered businesses.

The BreachLock platform leverages both human-powered penetration testing and AI-powered automated scans to create a powerful and easy to use solution that delivers continuous and on-demand vulnerability management. BreachLocks’s modern SaaS-based approach redefines the old school and time-consuming pen test model into fast and comprehensive security as service. As a result, CIO’s and CISO’s get a single pane view into their application and network security posture. The BreachLock platform facilitates collaboration between your DevOps and BreachLock security researchers empowering them to fix security gaps at the speed of business. Founder and CEO, Seemant Sehgal, tells us more about the firm’s objectives.

“BreachLock is on a mission to ensure all SaaS businesses have access to Affordable, Smarter and Scalable Cyber Security Testing,” he explains. “This is the only way we can help secure both consumers and businesses and eventually our human society. Since our inception, we have focused on the SaaS market as our target audience. As most of our clients are from B2B SaaS space they like the fact that BreachLock offers its services in SaaS format.”

The company enables the clients to request and consume a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. It has a unique approach that aligns the industry’s best practices that utilise manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods. Seemant embellishes on how the system actually works and what that means for the end user.

“We execute in-depth manual penetration testing and provide you with both offline and online reports. We retest your fixes and certify you for executing a Penetration Test. This is followed up with monthly automated scanning delivered via our platform. Throughout this process, you have access to our SaaS and our security experts for any support needed to find, fix, and prevent your next cyber breach.”

BreachLock has been climbing the stairs of success and, in a short period of time, has become the prominent player in the vulnerability management market. Keeping the success rate constant and delivering the best quality services, BreachLock is focused on strengthening and innovating AI and ML capabilities.

“It’s much more than a job here at BreachLock,” enthuses Seemant. “We believe hacking is a ‘mindset,’ not a skill set. We hack, research, and build solutions that push human hackers to find new ways to break and secure technology. We feed “AI” and don’t fear it. We coach, train, and learn from each other. We reward the worthy and respect the right attitude over a shiny resume. These are a few attributes that summarise BreachLock culture. This also helps us attract and retain the right talent.

“This might be a game-changer and will revolutionize how people look at cyber resilience today. Ultimately, we aim to enable businesses to test their cyber resilience in a faster, scalable, and more affordable way in 2020 so that these businesses can keep their data safe.”

Contact: S.Sehgal
Company: BreachLock Inc. Address: 276 5th Avenue, Suite 704 – 3031, New York NY 10001
Telephone: +1 917-779-0009
Web Address:

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