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Adventech is the technology-driven manufacturer of the Maxeff Electric Motor Generator which can be built to the customer’s system’s needs and can be used in almost any kind of machine or system, such as driving compressors, water treatment plant pumps, conveyor belts, hydraulic systems, stage blowers, and cooling tower fans. The company is committed to developing innovative, efficient technologies and devices which save energy costs and are kinder to the planet. Recognised by Corporate Vision as the Most Innovative Tech-Driven Motor Manufacturing Company 2021, we take a closer look.

In a world that is facing a climate crisis, energy shortfalls and excessive waste, Adventech’s Maxeff technology works to be part of the solution, replacing conventional motors with technology that consistently produces real, dramatic reductions in energy consumption.

Over 50% of the world’s power is consumed by electric drive motors, with anywhere between 15% and 30% (or higher) of power being wasted. The Maxeff motor aims to resolve this issue by capturing reactive energy and reconverting it into leading inductive energy to either be utilised within the motor itself so it doesn’t have to call so much power from the grid, or to create enough power to feed external inductive resources. Maxeff also requires substantially fewer amps to do the same work as any standard motor.

Similar to other electric motors, Maxeff features an induction motor circuit. Unlike traditional models, it has a built-in, all-in-one induction generator circuit. Its two-circuit design uses the same magnetic field, rotor, and stator to produce more shaft power than similar induction electric motors. Where a standard motor would require a 200 kVA generator to start, a comparable Maxeff will start on a 100kVA generator. And combined with the available add-on of Maxeff Soft Start, it can start and stop without experiencing high amp draw and temperature.

Maxeff motors use electromechanical contactors and a sequence of internal automated connections to power the built-in electrical and mechanical soft start. Maxeff, combined with Maxeff Soft Start, allows the motor to receive grid power at only a third of its nominal HP, roll automatically to 66%, and then to full HP. The unique feature reduces the inrush current and allows Maxeff motors to ramp up smoothly and progressively. This revolutionary soft start sequence allows Maxeff motors to be started from generators half the size required by standard motors.

Soft start also allows start, stop and restart as often as needed without overheating or incurring excessive peak demand charges. This option is available on all Maxeff motors – All customers have to do is request it.

Adventech also offers Maxeff two-speed motors which come in speed ranges of 3600/1800 rpm, 1800/900 rpm, 1200/600 rpm, and 900/450 rpm. This can be constant torque or constant HP design. In applications like condenser fans, a two-speed motor can be easily controlled without VFD or any electronic components. The speed switch system can be controlled by PLC or manually. When you don’t need full air movement, you can switch to low speed then back to full speed as your systems require it, allowing for enormous energy savings.

Normally, low-speed motors are not used much because of their poor power factor. Maxeff low-speed designs have the same efficiency and a higher power than any market premium efficiency high-speed motor. They should be used to increase airflow anytime possible in order to save energy.

In 2014, one of Adventech’s customers, Smelter Services Inc. purchased three 200 HP Maxeff motors. They had aluminium furnaces with 125 HP motors and undersized turbine fans, which required replacement with 200 HP motors. This normally would have required changing cable sizes, contactor sizes, and motor starter sizes, but alternatively, they chose 200 HP Maxeff motors and mounted them in the place of the old 125 HP, which didn’t change anything else, not even the breakers. Since the install, the 200 HP Maxeff motors have been cooler while drawing fewer amps.

Additionally, the plant has a 1 mega-watt contract with its power company; with the 125 HP motors, they had no trouble reaching their contract power consumption. After replacing only three 125 HP motors for 200 HP Maxeff motors, the company received a fine for never reaching its 1 mega-watt contract level. So, once a month, the plant now opens the vents on the fan housing to force an overload into the motors for an hour – It reaches the 1 mega-watt to get out of the penalty zone and saves power all month long. In February 2017, the plant purchased four more new Maxeff motors for a plant extension.

Meanwhile, MI Metals in Oldsmar, Florida is an aluminium recycling plant, which, like many manufacturers, faced growing production on already limited power constraints. In its location, the step-down transformers and the power lines in the area are maxed out. Increasing kVA would require changing miles of power lines and installing bigger transformers. In the meantime, production was calling for more cooling capacity to handle hot aluminium bars coming from the furnaces and extruders. To address its problems, MI Metals replaced 15 of its existing motors with Maxeff motors, which reduced the kVA by 50% at each replaced fan. Then, it added 15 new fans while staying under its amp/kVA restraints.

Indeed, the Maxeff concept is something that has never been done before. The world sees electric motors as they have been seen for the last 50 years, but Maxeff is truly revolutionising this.

For further information, please contact Ron Ballman or visit www.adventechinc.com