Embrace Change Towards Success

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ARCHway learning solutions provides training programs to companies looking to elevate their team and company. It offers a variety of research-based methods that feature – co-active coaching, motivation, decision-making, behaviour change psychology, and creative self-expression.

As the brain develops, the way we learn best changes and we must adapt to such to optimise the learning that takes place. This is why ARCHway specialises in adult learning and incorporates research-based methods to provide companies with the tools needed to improve and excel in what they do. ARCHway presents its clients with customised training such as leadership training, corporate training, and employee training. It integrates video production and interactive coursework to create a learning experience that inspires and uplifts the learner.

The type of courses it offers are engaging e-courses and blended learning, unique live workshops and webinars, on demand video content, streamlined onboarding and orientation, curated learning management systems, and comprehensive learning strategies. These are available either as eLearning, instructor led training or both depending on the desired learning outcome, the amount of content, and the learners’ access to it. Both approaches have been proven to provide the best results for understanding, knowledge retention, and application.

At all levels, employees are able to either drive a company towards success or failure, investing in their growth is directly reflected in the company’s performance. Therefore, ARCHway changes how companies engage with their employees on their career growth. It focuses on the learners’ experience and meeting their needs first, which creates a strong foundation for knowledge, organisational trust, and people centred results. This can have a huge impact on the employees’ long-term success and commitment to the organisation.

ARCHway’s President, Amber Carlson-Hays, says, “The learning experiences that ARCHway Learning Solutions creates are customized to uplift the culture of an organization and, in the process, review how solid the culture is for that company and its teams. With expertise in organizational development, leadership, and adult learning, ARCHway is far more than a typical design firm. We are a team dedicated to developing engaging, impactful, and meaningful learning that measurably impacts the company’s success.”

The customised training that ARCHway develops is able to support the growth of its clients but to do so it must understand their needs and requirements. Therefore, it begins by analysing reason why it is seeking training, the company’s goals, the audience, performance impact, and the resources that will need to be included in the course. The information gathered will then create a blueprint to help clarify the content, brand specific requirements, interactive experiences, and visual/auditory elements before going ahead with the design.

Once the client approves the design, the team at ARCHway follow the blueprint to develop the course’s content. They use the learning principle of reducing on screen text to focus on visuals, stories, examples, and interactions. When finished, it is reviewed to ensure that there is technical accuracy, the content is accessible and easily understood by the target audience, and that spelling, grammar, and style continuity are correct. Then, Stakeholders and a small group of the target audience come together to provide feedback on the content so any changes can be made before the wider target audience start the course. An evaluation is completed on the learner satisfaction, behavioural changes, and the impact on performance. It can also include survey-based audience reactions, knowledge tests, behaviour change checks, business results, and ROI.

The approach to learning that it has adapted and crafted for its clients has shown to be a success within the industry. ARCHway has seen a rise in demand with more companies seeking its support and alongside that, it has recently been awarded with Best Adult Learning Specialists 2023 – USA. ARCHway is made up of professionals who love learning and are constantly assessing and measuring the best way to do things in order to grow and improve. This is what drives its success. It embraces change and incorporates it into its practices to provide its clients with effective learning solutions, so they can succeed too.

ARCHway’s testimonials reflect the hard work it puts into the delivery of its services. For example, one shares, “Working with Archway Learning Solutions proved to be a great business decision through and through. Amber Carlson-Hays and her team were able to take my vision of having an interactive employee orientation program and make it a reality. Her team is professional and easy to work with. What could have been a stressful project wasn’t because of their patience, expertise, and dedication to making sure I was satisfied with the end product. We are thrilled with our program and the results it is producing. I highly recommend Archway Learning Solutions to anyone that is considering working with them!”

For business enquiries, contact Amber Carlson-Hays from ARCHway Learning Solutions on their website – https://archwaylearningsolutions.com/