Expanding to a Second Location – How to Market the Grand Opening

When your business expands to a second location, you’ll need to get the word out about your grand opening.

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can market the event and ensure people turn up on the day that you first open your doors, and you should use a combination of online and offline marketing methods.

Here are just some of the marketing methods you should consider utilising.

Use Social Media

You’re sure to already be using social media to promote your business, so ensure you make full use of your social media pulling power when it comes time to let people know about your grand opening.

For instance, you could create a Facebook event, post teaser videos on Instagram, or write articles about your new venture and post them on LinkedIn.

The more comments, likes, and shares you get, the more you can be sure people will turn up on the day of your second location’s launch and continue to use your business.

Add a Banner to Your Website

You also need to advertise the fact you have a second location opening on your website.

One of the best ways of doing that is to add a temporary pop-up banner to your homepage, or a banner to the top of each of your website’s pages.

By making sure everyone who visits your website is aware of the details of your new location, you can better ensure that your grand opening is a success.

Get Listed in Digital Directories

The sooner you can get your new location listed in directories, the better. So, do not wait until you have opened your doors to get onto sites like Yelp and Bing Places and set up your Google Business Profile.

If your business’s new location is in the United States, you should also look at getting listed on Openings24, which is a fantastic website that lists upcoming re-openings and grand openings in the US.

Promote Your Grand Opening Locally

Most brick-and-mortar companies that are open to the public see most of their offline business coming from locals. Therefore, it’s crucial that you promote your grand opening locally.

You could hand out leaflets in the street, post leaflets through doors, advertise in the local newspaper, partner with a local newspaper to create a feature article, and put up posters, billboards, and banners.

The louder you are about your grand opening at the local level, the bigger splash you’ll be able to make on the day of your opening and beyond.

Offer Promotions

You’re sure to gain more attention for your second location’s grand opening and get more customers through the door if you offer special promotions that are only available on that day.

You could do things like give out promotional codes online and include discount coupons on leaflets that you hand out.

And you could either limit your special promotions to certain items or offer a specific discount across all of your products or services.

Make Your Grand Opening an Event That Attracts Attention

Marketing your grand opening does not stop the day before the event.

By making your grand opening a big event that attracts the attention of passers-by, you can continue to market your opening and get more people to come into your new location.

You could play loud music, hire entertainment, such as a fire juggler or band, hang up a banner, blow up lots of balloons, and do any number of other things to show people there is an event happening that they will want to be a part of.