From Months To Minutes

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Created in the UK, mnAI is the award-winning platform that holds billions of data points on millions of UK companies, which can be used by investors, advisors and corporates as information and insights to make faster decisions. In fact, mnAI’s ground-breaking platform has reduced a research process that usually takes months into only a matter of minutes. As the platform prepares to take off on an international scale, we dug a little deeper to find out more about the impacts of this revolutionary technology.

mnAI is a platform providing information, insight, research and due diligence on all unlisted companies in the UK for investors, advisors and corporates. Currently holding over 9 billion data points on more than 7 million+ UK companies, mnAI applies a wide variety of machine learning algorithms and filters to enable users to access targeted information far more rapidly than is currently possible. Often, this means completing what used to take months of work in only minutes.

Fundamentally, mnAI believes in a world where technology can be used to accelerate decision making. As such, Founders John Cushing and Andrew King began their enterprise with the mission to provide a single source of unified data that made deal origination, due diligence and customer search really easy. The result would be to dramatically reduce the time it takes investors, companies and individuals to identify and understand an industry or business, enabling faster, more productive decisions based on informed, real-time data. 

Therefore, they created the mnAI platform, a comprehensive, easy to use, efficient product at a competitive price point which is backed by a relentless focus on customer service. The solution uses thousands of web crawlers which scan the internet, capturing relevant company data such as financial, governance, social media, online reviews, websites and more. As a result, mnAI is able to add over 100million data points a week to their platform, which is organised into a comprehensible system by the platform’s Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms. 

mnAI then combines and aggregates the data to create proprietary insights that clients can tailor to their individual needs, whether they be looking to form an overall picture on public and private companies, see the key financials of these companies to make predictions of future growth or acquire information of key professionals or investors within an organisation and their networks or much more besides. 

To truly understand the exhaustive nature of the mnAI data source, it is easiest to break it down into its raw numbers and statistics. With 9 billion data points, mnAI is the most comprehensive data source for UK company information and is always growing. The platform has amalgamated, digitalised and visualised 170.4 million governance records and autonomously tracks 37.1 million Directors, Shareholders, Officers and PSC profiles in real time, creating rich insight with mapped connections that couldn’t be replicated by human touch. mnAI is also able to identify seven million UK companies and 500,000 investee companies and create insights from this data within only five minutes.

From its inception, mnAI has been a design led company driven by its devotion to customers, which has been encapsulated in five simple but integral values: first, to keep it simple, to always be transparent and in return, listen carefully to clients and colleagues alike, to always do the right thing and finally, to make it personal. 

In this way, mnAI’s approach focuses on increasing the insights and efficiency of the clients by enhancing and supporting their operations while at the same time reducing costs. The beauty of mnAI’s simplicity as a single platform is that is can be used effectively by several departments, whether they be deal teams, sales, due diligence or compliance (especially on gender), across several industries. mnAI is designed for any company or person looking for potential investments, customers or company information and has as such curated a clientele that includes Private Equity and Venture Capital investors, Corporate Finance boutiques, Wealth Managers, Banks, Commercial Real Estate companies, Family offices and Professional and Financial Services. mnAI has also seen notable interest from business schools, some of which are considered the best in the USA.

With ambitions to begin scaling the platform on an international platform in the near future, mnAI is still faced with the substantial challenge of brand development and raising global awareness of what mnAI can do. The platform’s abilities that are accessible at a remarkably low price point are unmatched by any other organisation in the world, and as such, mnAI is working hard to communicate to prospective clients within their core industry verticals how they can help them to improve their working practices, reduce their costs and give them greater internal capacity. 

It is hard work operating in a growth stage company and requires a great deal of grit. However, arguably this makes every success that much sweeter and the mnAI team celebrate each one together. For the organisation, the people behind mnAI are what have seen the company grow from strength to strength, being instrumental in building the technology, the brand and the relationships with each mnAI client. 

As such, mnAI has been able to cultivate an environment that promotes personal and professional development, trusting in each one of the team members in tech, marketing and sales to do the right thing. For them, the platform they have created is not just a job, it is their passion which drives them to be the best and push the boundaries in knoweldge and innovation. Constantly on the look out for new ways to improve their technology, sell their product and better serve their clients, mnAI is staying true to the values which drive it as they look ahead to the future.

As a pure tech business, mnAI’s entire infrastructure is cloud based so, despite Covid-19 restrictions, the firm has been able to continue the development of its technology. Recently, this has included Insight, which enables customers to generate their own industry reports, and Gender Analysis, which allows mnAI’s entire dataset to be filtered by gender, which has helped make compliance with the Rose Review quick and easy.

As the firm nears the point of scaling the mnAI platform internationally, the team are preparing for their biggest but most exciting challenge yet. There is no doubt that we can continue to see many years of success from this revolutionary enterprise as they achieve their ambitions for global expansion.