Green Energy Suppliers: Improve Your CSR and Keep Costs Low

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Learn about how organisations are transitioning towards green energy suppliers as a way to cut costs and improve their corporate social responsibility in this article that looks at how some of the world’s biggest organisations are coming together to become greener.

There’s a societal shift that’s been taking place over the past few years that’s placing a much stronger emphasis on both corporate social responsibility (CSR) and opting for renewable energy sources. We’re much more aware of our impact on the environment than even a decade ago, which has encouraged individuals and businesses to transition towards cleaner energy sources. For companies, switching to green energy suppliers can not only improve corporate social responsibility but actually lower energy costs.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the uptake of green energy suppliers for companies and how it can help with both CSR and energy costs.


Switching to a greener energy solution

Switching to a greener energy solution has been at the forefront of some of the world’s biggest companies for some time now. Google, for example, has been committed to using 100% renewable electricity since 2017, which is impressive considering its scale. They aren’t alone though, with many international organisations committing to this type of transition. RE100 is a global initiative that has brought together some of the biggest companies in the world, including Apple, Ikea and BT, to commit to 100 % renewable energy. In their annual report, RE100 noted that: ‘2028 is the average target date for RE100 members to achieve 100 % renewable electricity. One in three are already over 75 % toward their goal, and one in two is being driven by cost savings.’

What’s particularly interesting about the information provided by RE100 is that half of their members are being driven to push for green energy solutions due to cost savings. There’s always been a notion that going green involves financial sacrifice, but as infrastructure and technology improve it’s actually proving to be more cost-effective for companies to switch to eco-friendly energy solutions.


Green energy suppliers and improved CSR

Although saving money on energy is a big reason for companies to switch to a green energy supplier, the other motivator is the improved CSR it provides. With the threat of climate change becoming a stark reality across the globe, it’s more important than ever for organisations to demonstrate leadership and drive to tackle the threat of global warming. Switching to green energy suppliers is the perfect way to signpost this to customers, stakeholders and the general public.

The wider world is now painfully aware of the damage fossil fuels do to our environment. It’s an issue that’s big enough to dissuade some people from interacting with companies that don’t do more to help fight back against climate change. So for companies looking to stay attractive, switching to a green energy supplier helps improve their CSR and ensures customers trust and buy from them.