How Effective Images Can Boost Brand Recognition


In today’s corporate world, brands are competing for the attention of potential customers across various types of media. From slick TV adverts and viral social media campaigns to how well-presented a company website is, images matter to the modern consumer. For example, digital menu items with images beside them enjoyed a 6.5% increase in sales compared to those without.

It’s important, then, to focus your attention on creating and producing visually impressive images across the board to boost your marketing ROI and improve the connection your customers have with you. Let’s look at the best ways to achieve better brand recognition through effective imagery.


Visual branding

Companies can use visual branding techniques such as images, videos, infographics and even logos or mascots to help create a lasting impression on their consumers. Research published by The Mill in 2021 discovered that brands with a mascot or character can increase profit and emotional connection with customers by 41%. But while a mascot or character isn’t a good fit for every brand, visual marketing does impact all companies.

From the font that makes up your company logo to your social media videos, every piece of visual content makes up part of your branding. To remain in the minds of consumers, establishing easily recognisable and memorable imagery is an essential step towards successful visual branding. Large companies are so effective at this they can convey which brand they are through little more than a colour scheme, particular font or just an element of their logo.


Consistency is critical

Continuing with the theme of building brand recognition, consistency is an element that cannot be overlooked and it should be a mainstay of your marketing strategy. Whether it’s thousands of pictures for your online store or your watermark for social media posts, keeping to a theme and style is critical for familiarity with your customers.

Chopping and changing your style every time you create an image can be confusing to those who associate your brand with a certain aesthetic only for it to alter the next time they see your visual communications. One of the primary reasons why boosting brand recognition is important to businesses is because it helps build loyalty within your customer base, which is a role that consistency plays significantly.

Changing the way you present yourself as a brand too often can muddy those waters and sets an inconsistent message and tone in your communications. Companies want their customers to view them as professional, reliable and trustworthy but if your marketing materials are not in line with each other, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Visual consistency is particularly important for businesses with a visual element at their core, such as a design studio or fashion brand.


Powering growth through social media

Digital marketing helps companies and brands to reach larger audiences than they would through traditional marketing means. Through effective SEO techniques and a holistic approach to your digital profile, brands can quickly improve traffic and conversions through smart digital marketing. When it comes to social media, companies must be able to strike a chord with their followers to stop them from scrolling past their posts.

That is where effective and creative imagery can make a significant impact and as a brand, you should aim to show people who you are, what your mission is and what makes you different through the lens of your photos. From visualising a new concept to adding a splash of colour, captivating your audience through strong social media campaigns increases your visibility, which strengthens brand recognition.


Effective product photography 

When it comes to digital marketing, the presentation of your products is essential because it is often the only way a customer can see it before they make a purchase. A staggering 93% of consumers consider visual appearance the biggest deciding factor in purchasing decisions. For that reason, it is important to take pictures of your products from multiple angles to ensure that consumers can build a better picture of what they are buying.

People don’t want to take a leap of faith each time they buy something online, and it can be a real barrier to building trust if your products are not presented well. With fewer people trusting in you, it becomes hard to grow your reputation and ultimately, brand recognition.

Thankfully, elevating your product photography doesn’t need to be complicated and there is just a small selection of key areas that make the world of difference:

  • Using proper lighting – This avoids dark spots and elevates your product photographs to a professional standard.
  • Finding the right background – Typically a plain white background lets your product speak for itself. Different styles and materials are also an option depending on how they work with your branding.
  • Adding details – You can add background elements that complement your product or help show it off in a more natural environment.
  • Quality over quantity – While you should have a range of images that showcase your product from different angles, you can overdo it. Focus on a short collection of consistent, high-quality product images rather than a cluster of randomly assembled photos.


Telling your brand story

Images can convey messages much faster than text so they are a great tool for telling your brand story quickly. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text so they are a powerful tool for getting your brand identity across effectively. While some of your customers may wish to delve into the backstory of how you came to be, most are seeking a quick insight into what your company stands for, how you can help improve their lives and why they can identify with you.

Evoking emotions and setting expectations through strong visual storytelling ensures that potential customers align themselves with your brand quickly. Brands use colour psychology to quickly convey the type of industry they work in or to create strong emotions and feelings. For example, Coca-Cola uses red to evoke feelings of fun, energy and positivity.


Strong visuals power brand recognition

Brand recognition is important for sustained success and the images you use go a long way to cultivating it. From minor communications to marketing campaigns and product images, choosing the right visuals for your customers can quickly build brand loyalty, grab people’s attention and boost sales.