How Many Jobs Should You Apply for At Once? 7 Key Factors to Consider

Job Applications

When looking for employment, you probably want to send out as many applications as possible within the shortest time. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it is natural to assume that you aren’t doing enough. However, all situations are different. Sending out numerous applications simultaneously may not increase your chances of getting a job. 


1. How Many Jobs Should You Apply for Daily?

Industry experts suggest that you send out two or three applications every day. Apply for ten to 15 job positions every week. If you don’t apply for enough jobs, you have a low likelihood of landing your dream job. If, however, you send out too many applications, you may have trouble tracking them. In addition, you might end up prioritizing speed over attention to detail. You may end up applying for jobs that don’t match your needs and fail to tailor your CV to the company’s requirements. 


2. What About Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

You can apply for a few jobs at the same company. However, you shouldn’t apply for every exciting job opportunity that a company posts. According to conventional wisdom, the more jobs you apply for, the higher your chances of getting a job. However, the logic doesn’t always work. 

If you have to apply for jobs from the same company, ensure that they match your qualifications. Tailor your applications for each position. Your application should demonstrate that you understand the company culture and results. Do not come off as someone that is looking for any job that they can find. 


3. How Many Applications Should You Submit When Unemployed?

Being unemployed leaves you with a lot of time to send out job applications. Increase your daily quota of applications to three or five. This will increase your chances of getting a job faster. If you choose to increase your daily applications, ensure that you pay attention to detail. Do not compromise on the quality of our applications to increase the quantity. 

Plan out your days to avoid being stuck in an endless black hole of applications. Take breaks and work with a strategy to improve the effectiveness of your applications.


4. How Many Applications Should You Submit When Employed?

It can be challenging to send out many job applications while still employed. However, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It only means that you could take more time before finding your ideal job. 

Send out your applications during your rest days to limit stress. It also ensures that you remain productive in your current job. 


5. How Many Jobs Should You Apply for As a New Graduate?

Usually, fresh graduates apply for entry-level positions and professional internships. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these positions as the competition can be stiff. 

When applying for internships and entry-level positions, you would be wise to send more applications than the recommended ten to 15 per week. Ideally, you should send 15 to 20 applications every week. 


6. Quality Over Quantity

It is important to ensure that you are sending out enough applications. However, the quality of your applications is more important than the quantity. No matter how skilled or experienced you may be, poor applications will get you nowhere. 

Five well-thought-out and strategic applications will get you better results than 20 untailored or rushed ones. Hiring managers and applicant tracking systems look for specific details in your applications. Therefore, it would be wise to tailor your application to suit specific positions. 


7. Do Not Apply For the Same Job Multiple Times

It is easy to be overwhelmed and lose track when sending out multiple applications at the same time. However, you must be careful to avoid applying for the same job multiple times. Create a list of every job you’ve applied to. Include the company name, date of application, and the job title.  

Whether you are fresh in the job market or simply trying to start a different job, you need to send out applications. Usually, the more applications you send out, the higher your chances of landing a job. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to send out hundreds of applications. The quality of your applications is more important than the quantity. Ensure that all your applications are tailored for the company and specific position.