How to Create an Effective Explainer Video for SaaS

In 2023, Software as a Service (SaaS) remains a challenging area for marketers: The idea and value of most cutting-edge products are often simply unclear to audiences facing them for the first time.

Selling SaaS requires special tools to grab user attention and explain the solution in a time-saving and digestible way. The good news is that even with a small budget, there is an option to drive conversions called a proper explainer video.

In this article, Blue Carrot, a SaaS video production company, reveals what makes a good explainer video for SaaS and where to start if you choose to create one.

What Is an Explainer Video?

SaaS is about serving customers online and that’s why the best way to communicate with your target audience and convert them into subscribers is through online advertising, social media, niche media mentions, and your website.

However, the short attention span of modern netizens together with the complicated nature of SaaS, make classic ad- and social media-based communication campaigns less effective. So is there are any alternatives to straightforward ads and social media community building? The answer is—yes.

An explainer video is a comparably short multimedia product widely used by both SaaS startups and market giants. Its task is to capture the viewer’s attention and briefly explain how your product works and what benefits it can bring to users.

There is also an extra benefit of turning to a SaaS video production company in need of a marketing boost. Taking this route to save your communication budget by re-purpose an explainer video for various sales funnel stages and purposes.

Explainer Videos for SaaS: Key Points for Companies

Although explainer videos are called a short form of business animation, they are often longer than classic top-funnel ads and need a slightly different approach.

An average video of this type is up to 5 minutes long; it leverages client-centered storytelling and contains one powerful message. For these reasons, a successful explainer video always starts with thoughtful goal determination and brainstorming.

The idea of a typical SaaS explainer video is to show how exactly a provider’s solution can resolve a client’s issue. And since here we are speaking about online products where an interface is initial, it is also important to impress your potential client with the look and feel of your app or another service. Or—at least to prove to them that your product is easy to use.

As a SaaS video production company, we suggest you invest efforts in client research. The key points to clarify before getting closer to production include client’s pain points, decision-making criteria, and alternative options they have to resolve their issues.

Next, consider your budget and come up with a plan of how you can integrate an explainer video into your communication. For example, you can place a video explainer at the top of your SaaS product landing page, use it in a PPC campaign on social media, make it the initial part of your PR article, or use it in your onboarding email-based tour for free trial users.

Final Thoughts

Promoting SaaS products often requires comprehensive materials to make their benefits clear to audiences. In turn, an animated explainer video that simultaneously explains your solution and proves that it is easy to integrate into one’s professional or life routine is a great tool to drive your SaaS trial registrations and sales.

Regardless of the scale of your SaaS business, start work on an explainer video by defining its goals, target audience, and place in your communication strategy, as well as looking for a reliable SaaS video production company. And as soon as these tasks are complete—you have a high chance of marketing success.