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How to Ensure Client Satisfaction in High-End Business

Client satisfaction is a priority across all high-end business sectors so finding ways to keep them happy on business trips…

How to Ensure Client Satisfaction in High-End Business

26th May 2023

Client satisfaction is a priority across all high-end business sectors so finding ways to keep them happy on business trips is essential. In the US alone, 1.3 million people go on business trips every day and the business travel market is expected to grow by 188 percent by 2028 as the world recovers after the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many types of business travel, with ‘bleisure’ travel making up more than 60 percent of
business trips. This refers to a mixture of leisure and business, where travel is extended to leave time for socializing and sightseeing, which increases client satisfaction levels. This improves customer relations and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Here are some things to think about if you want to ensure high client satisfaction in a high-end business:

Pay attention

Paying attention and understanding your clients means that you’ll be able to anticipate what they need before they even need to ask. This will also allow you to develop a refined communication style that is better suited to client expectations.

Consider the client’s day

Becoming familiar with your client’s schedule will help you get a better understanding of what their day is like. You can then make more informed decisions on how to communicate and work with them. For example, if you know that Tuesdays are hectic for your client, you won’t want to add to the workload if your inquiry can wait until the following, quieter day.

Ask what matters to your client

Having an in-depth understanding of what matters to your client and their bosses allows you to tailor your products and services accordingly. There is no point in trying to sell something that they don’t need, and meeting demand accurately will not only increase client satisfaction but trust as well.

Go above and beyond

You want your business to stand out from the competition and demonstrate why clients should pick your company over any other. Tailoring your business trip to your client’s needs shows that your staff is dedicated to making a truly enjoyable experience.

For example, if you’re taking international journeys regularly, you can show customers that you are dedicated to investing in them with fractional ownership of a private jet.
Thinking about how you can go above and beyond will keep you at the forefront of clients’ minds for future business.

Stay ahead of the curve

When taking your client on a business trip, you can avoid any embarrassment or unprofessionalism by staying ahead of the curve and prep in advance for any malfunctions. Contingency plans allow you to engage in more creative and strategic thinking while simultaneously keeping the client engaged.

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