How to Get Settled Into Any New Country

There’s a big difference between visiting a country and moving there. When you decide to call a new place home, there’s’ a few things that you need to cross off your to-do list. At first, you may feel unsettled, but that’s what life is all about. To make things easier during your new adventure, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips and tricks to make any new country feel like home.

Start an Emergency Savings Fund

You should already have one of these, but we won’t judge you if you don’t. Before you move over to a new country you should always have an emergency fund to help you get through the first few months. This way you can truly relax whilst you look for a job and get to experience the country.

We recommend that you have enough cash in the bank to sustain yourself for a few months at least. Start putting away some of your monthly income towards an emergency cash stash. It’s better to be on a budget before you move, so you can truly live your life once you get to your new home.

Get Your Logistics Sorted Before Having Fun

This is the most tedious part of moving to a new country, however, it’s also the most essential. You need to make sure your visa is in order and that you’ve sorted out your IMG insurance .

Other logistics include finding a home, registering as a tax resident, and maybe even finding employment. It’s always best to get as much of this sorted before you move rather than after. You should also contact your bank or other service providers and let them know you are moving countries.

Speak to Locals in The Area and Listen

The best way to find out all the tips and tricks when settling into your new country is by asking the locals in your area. They have access to priceless information that you may not be able to find out online.

Ask them where the best restaurants are and what activities the tourists don’t know about. Buy someone a beer at your local bar and get ready for information overload. You’ll be living like a local sooner than you know it.

Learn the Language and Soak in the Culture

Even if you’re just visiting for a short while, it’s always respectful to learn the language. We don’t expect you to become fluent in a matter of days but try to learn simple phrases. Even saying please and thank you in the local language will get you a long way.

Don’t be afraid to ask about what lingo or slang people use there too. This will help you get to grips with what everyone is saying, and you’ll feel more integrated in the community. Finally, be respectful of the local customs and culture, as you would like them to do the same in your home country.

Make New Friends and Keep in Touch with Old Ones

The best way to start feeling at home is by making some new friends. There are tons of ways that you can reach out to people in your area. Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself or approach a friendly looking face on the street.

If you’re shy, you can always try apps that help you connect with likeminded people. It’s also extremely important to keep in touch with old friends. Friendship is a two-way street so make sure to let them know that you’re thinking of them and wishing they were there.

Pursue Your Hobbies and Try Out New Ones

If you’re missing the things that you used to do at home on a regular basis, why not seek out the same activities in your new country? Search for group activities or lessons on Facebook and Instagram. It can be incredibly therapeutic to develop your skills in a new country.

If you don’t have any specific hobbies that you can think of, it means that you need to try some new ones out. Group sports is a great place to start because it helps you socialise with others and make new friends. Discover your passion by trying out local activities. For example, if you live in a surf town, why not go for a lesson?

When you first move to a new place, it’s rare that it starts to feel like home from day one. That’s why you always need to take each day as it comes. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience and soak it all in.

You’ll learn so much about yourself and, ultimately, moving to a new country is an experience that you will find extremely rewarding. As with all things in life, it’s important that you keep a positive outlook.