How to Quickly Get 1000 Followers on Your Business Instagram Page

insta followers

Social media was invented to add to the social experience of face-to-face interactions, or in lieu of it. It took away borders and cultures to create a platform for communication with anyone, from anywhere. High on that list for most people are family and friends that we enjoy keeping tabs on. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that keeps millions of people in touch with family, friends and sometimes, strangers that may become friends and more.

Instagram is not only limited to personal use. With over 1 billion users, it is also a great platform for businesses to leverage in reaching their target audiences. It allows businesses to create personalised adverts. More importantly, it allows businesses to gain followers in no time. By considering a few simple steps, anyone can go from no followers to a couple thousand followers in Instagram. It is no rocket science. Here are the tips.

Use influencers

Do you remember the popular kid at school? Do you have that one friend who can get you into any place and make any event a success just by showing up? They have a charm about them, don’t they? Similarly, influencers are the popular kids on Instagram. They have a large following and by their mere mention of a brand, can draw significant attention to them. It is an Instagram superpower! Influencers can create conversations and trends around your brand that engage users with the brand. With this engagement, users can learn more about the product or service offering of a brand and potentially, turn into clients or customers. Even better than using only influencers, is to use a hashtag generator, like Task Ant, to find popular hashtags that your influencers can use when promoting your products. Influencers create the attention it would take businesses a lot of investment in marketing to create. Rather than huge marketing investments, why not use an influencer at a slice of the price?

Have a complete profile

Social media is an information hub for customers which makes it important that businesses use this to their advantage. Once a customer’s attention is drawn to a business and they choose to use social media to investigate it, they want to find as much core information as possible. It is therefore in the best interest of the business to create a complete profile. What does that mean? Businesses should create an attractive profile with some core details including a company logo, a phone number, email and a physical address. These details a persona to the business and allow customers to reach out in case they have questions or want to make an actual purchase. A complete profile will make your business seem more legitimate.

Post consistently

Social media users are often scrolling through their phones during a big part of their day. Some parts of the day more than others. Businesses should post consistently to draw the attention of users. A schedule for the posts such as hourly, daily or weekly goes a long way. Imagine visiting a candy store that you find closed on most days, open on other random days? It creates confusion and doubt about their reliability. Posting consistently shows that the business is alive, kicking and ready to serve their customer.

Post quality content

Content is at the heart of everything with social media engagement. It is a make or break so it is highly important to create great content that not only draws the attention of user but engages them. Instagram is all about aesthetics. If it does not look good, it does not get good attention. Good content may include well edited relevant photos with the an appropriate caption for the target audience.


Engaging customers adds a persona to a brand. People want to know they are interacting with a brand with people behind it that takes into account their needs. It adds a human connection that makes customers more trusting of the brand and more prone to buy from it, and you should try it out for more followers. engagement on Instagram can be done through hashtags and influencers who create hype around a brand that creates conversations on the brand.


Gaining followers is the name of the game on Instagram as it draws attention to you or your brand. Gaining this attention is made easier when influencers, a complete profile, consistent posts, quality content and engagement are part of your arsenal. It does not have to be complicated.