How Website Banners Can Attract Your Ideal Online Shopper & Enhance Your Business

Regarding your online business and customer experience, banners are an excellent way of showcasing your product or service, displaying your brand, and even helping users easily navigate through your website. 

Business owners strategically place a website banner at the top, middle, or any other area they think will receive the most clicks. It can be an excellent sales tool, but before you place it anywhere, you need to know where the ideal spot is. 

Let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more about website banners! 

How banners attract new customers and increase the success of your business

Banners can be used for many purposes, but their primary one is for ads. Especially for online shops, banners are used for highlighting products and promoting them, increasing the number of users that can access them. Additionally, you can use them for redirecting landing pages, social media ads and email marketing. 

Here are some major benefits banners will bring to your online business: 

  • They increase sales: Website banners attract users’ attention by displaying new products and promotions to your banner. In addition, the products and services can be directed so you can make more purchases quickly. You can also check out these product description writing examples to further attract potential buyer’s attention and increase your chances of making more sales.
  • Gives your brand a better image: Placing images across your website can make its appearance more appealing to users. 
  • Easy for customizing and implementing: Banners can easily be created and have standard sizes that you can replace. A simple design can meet fundamental requirements and it’s pretty easy to upload them to your site. 
  • They improve customer experience: Communication is the key to satisfactory customer experience. Providing your customers with required and attractive simple shopping is the key to an excellent customer experience. 

7 Factors you need to consider when creating your website banner

Before we dive into the steps on how to easily create a banner, you need to be well aware that a banner needs to be unique. If it looks like any other banner on the market, it might not be as good as you think. Therefore, the following steps can only be properly implemented once you clearly define what your business is all about. 

1. Visibility

A powerful website banner should effectively be able to represent your business. It should always help the business establish a connection with visitors. The first thing that should appear on a banner is the brand’s name. You can try filling your website with high-quality images, but you don’t want to overdo it, of course. 


A slogan, in other words, is a catchphrase you use or your business motto. Every business has a motto or slogan. For example, for Nike, it’s “Just do it,” for Adidas, it’s “Impossible is nothing,” For Mercedes, it’s “The best or nothing,” etc. 

The real question is to identify why your company differs from the rest. Thinking of why your business is unique is what helps you come up with the right slogan. 

3. Contact details 

Your contact details are just as important as you may think. Remember to include them in your banner. The most important contact details are email addresses, phone and fax numbers, street addresses, and more. However, they may not be necessary, so don’t worry about it. 

A banner will occupy some space on your page, and in some cases, you may be tempted to make the most of your additional space. People will always process information much better visually than reading a bunch of text. Research shows that 93% of communication is non-verbal, meaning they’ll process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text. 

However, remember that you want to avoid cramping visuals into one. Too many visuals might sometimes be distracting, so you must include a few and not overcrowd your website. 

4. Your Call-to-action (CTA)

Banners should include a CTA that will redirect consumers to a page, product, category, or pages with information that will redirect the customer. Find out where you should place your CTA, but keep in mind to make it visible. Avoid dark colours and make your CTA not visible enough. 

5. Add a sales proposition 

If you add a sales proposition, you need to ensure it’s unique. Ask yourself what makes your company so different from the rest. It’s all about the quality and the need to ensure that your banner design visibly shows the value proposition in the banner design. A sales proposition is an excellent way of giving a good first impression. Therefore, you should include it in your banner design. 

6. Always add quality images and videos 

Images and videos are essential, especially when creating a banner. Always aim to add images and videos that are most pleasing to the eye. Additionally, ensure that photographers and videos are of the highest quality. Nobody wants to visit a site and have to deal with anything that is of low quality, especially nowadays since there’s plenty of competition out there. 

7. Update your banners frequently 

User interest increases once your website is updated with new products and promotions. Banners can redirect users to important parts of your site. You can take your visitors to highlighted pages and show them the best of your product and service. 

Attracting traffic to your site and improving its image should be considered your primary objective. Advertising is a practical task, and using suitable banners is an excellent way to improve your services and directly impact the company’s revenue. 

What to never forget about banners 

Your banner represents how well-optimized your website is. Therefore, pay special attention and follow the mentioned steps when creating one. You only have one time to make an excellent first impression, so ensure you do so by adding a good value proposition, design, the right contact details, call-to-action, and more.