Innovation in Labour

Three people in a meeting with spreadsheets, discussing data

Greenwich.HR is the first comprehensive provider of real-time labour market intelligence for all audiences, bringing transparency to the $80 trillion market and opening the door for efficiency-boosting innovation. Founded by business leaders who understand the challenges and waste caused by poor data, Greenwich.HR’s next generation data solutions are created to offer more profound, more accessible, and more affordable information to individuals and organizations across applications. We take a closer look at the market-leading innovators.

Established in 2015, Greenwich.HR is the largest and most powerful data platform for the labour market, designed to bring transparency to the global market that is valued at $80 trillion and affects every person, family, community, organization and government in the world.

Despite the enormity of this market, it is one that is afflicted with poor information and data management, and thus great inefficiencies and wastage. Greenwich.HR was founded with a vision to create a Data-As-Service platform that efficiently serves the needs of global analytics teams and application developers, who could provide valuable market insights to customers across many industries. Investment funds, media companies, large corporations, leading academic institutions, government agencies, recruiting firms, HR and general management consulting firms, HR technology firms, and even small start-ups are all able to access the world-leading dataset created by Greenwich.HR and utilize that market intelligence to gain financial value for their own businesses.

Driven by that founding vision, Greenwich.HR has grown to become the largest and fastest-growing labour market intelligence platform in the world, creating transparency in hiring, pay, and talent that has never before been seen. Whilst real-time market intelligence is by no means unique to Greenwich.HR, it does represent a new frontier of value that businesses have been investing in in order to improve insights based only on internal data. Greenwich.HR’s innovative concept instead integrates external market data so as to allow businesses to analyze the economies and businesses around them, broadening the ways in which they can create value and providing the foundations on which to enhance market innovation.

Greenwich.HR works with Investment Managers, Recruiting and Staffing Professionals, Business Intelligence teams, and Compensation Professionals who are able to benefit from the platform’s insights on the hiring and pay behaviors of more than three million companies and the 160,000 jobs that are tracked every day. These insights have become even more valuable in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen unprecedented disruption to hiring practices of mega-corporations to new start-ups. Traditional recruitment practices have become redundant, with the predictive value of the intelligence on hiring data becoming suddenly much more applicable. Greenwich.HR has been able to showcase the power of real-time labour market intelligence over the last few months, becoming a trusted source of accurate and profound insight that has enabled more informed decision-making in recruitment.

Thus, as Greenwich.HR’s role in the labour market becomes more significant, its team is vital to the continued delivery of excellence in data handling. Built on commitment, imagination and expertise, the culture at Greenwich.HR has grown around a team of people who thrive in being part of something monumental, and who are constantly exploring new possibilities for innovation and pursuing them to bring them to life as stronger, more intelligent data solutions.

2021 will see Greenwich.HR taking its growth international and deepening its presence in the analytics and technology verticals it already serves. Fundamentally, the growth of Greenwich.HR seeks to make it easier for even more audiences to understand the value of real-time labor market intelligence and, with that vision in mind, Greenwich.HR has so far been able to achieve its growth ambitions without any outside funding. The team is currently evaluating the most effective means of funding further growth, so that Greenwich.HR can continue transforming the labor market through data and innovation.

For business enquiries contact Cary Sparrow at Greenwich.HR via www.Greenwich.HR