Issue 11 2021

Welcome to the November issue of Corporate Vision Magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape.

With lockdowns easing off and pandemic life becoming more manageable, we can see a lot of progress that has come throughout some of the darkest times of our lives. We hope that this reflective time has taught us all how to truly appreciate this progress, despite the immense pressure that all businesses have felt. Things are looking up as we approach the end of the year, so come with us and take a glance at an assortment of businesses all doing their part in creating an even lighter, brighter, better future for all.

In this month’s edition we take a look at some of the most cutting-edge businesses as they are bestowed with some astonishing accolades. From innovative materials to training, technology, and those dedicated to complete transparency, this prestigious collection of companies is changing up the pace for a brighter future across a variety of industries. Thought provoking and inspirational, these articles are shining examples of the discipline and resolve of some incredible individuals.

The most prominent mention is our cover company, Confinity Solutions, which has just been awarded with the prestigious accolade of Most Innovative Global FinTech Startup. Here we will take a look at the incredible work it is doing for the financial services as it levels up yet again.

The team at Corporate Vision hope you have a wonderful rest of the month ahead!