Issue 11 2022

Welcome to the November issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape.

This past month has seen significant business growth and astonishing movements sweeping across many leading industries. Altering the way we see business, these companies are focused, driven, and delivering on all levels.

From consultancy to real estate, life coaching to environmental technology, and much more, this month we are showcasing some trailblazers in their sectors. Not only are they making waves within said sectors, but they are ensuring brilliance for generations to come.

Here we would like to explore how they are doing it to gain insight, motivation, and inspiration across the board.

A fine example of this is multi-award-winning KCStrengthsHUB, as it wins Best Pharma Talent Strategy & Engagement Specialist – 2022. As a talent strategy and engagement expert, the entire company benefits the pharmaceutical industry by offering its professionalism, focus, and ability to cultivate an atmosphere of growth. This results in better quality of life for people everywhere, as the global pharmaceutical industry continues to invent better medicine for the masses.

The team at Corporate Vision wish you a very successful and happy month ahead, and we hope you enjoy this issue. We’ll see you soon.