Issue 3 2019

Corporate Vision Issue 3 2019 cover

Welcome to the March issue of Corporate Vision, your source for all the latest news and innovative features from across the globe. Within the global business landscape, companies both large and small continues to strive towards delivering an exceptional service to clients, despite the uncertainties within their respected sector.

An example of this, is Scottish Land & Estates’ latest app and website which provides a 24/7 photo and video reporting platform that aims to provide convenience to both tenants and landlords when communicating about property maintenance. The app has been designed to help members continue to provide high-quality and well-maintained homes.

Elsewhere, Project Lifesaver program protects, and when necessary, provides public safety agencies with the search and rescue tools they need to safely recover individuals with cognitive disorders who have wandered off from a safe environment including those with Alzheimer’s disease and Autism. The program began when it became apparent to founder, Gene Saunders that there was a major void that needed to be filled in providing search, rescue and protection for those who are prone to the life threatening behaviour of wandering.

Also, Stocks Taylor Benson Limited (STB) have been creating and producing brilliant graphic design since their inception in 1988. With a diverse portfolio which is packed with unique and innovative design projects to spark the imagination, STB have no marketing jargon or overinflated titles – just great ideas which have been brilliantly executed.

Here at Corporate Vision, we hope that you enjoy reading this month’s packed edition and look forward to hearing from you.