Issue 3 2023

Welcome to the March issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news  from across the corporate landscape.

With the arrival of spring, we are also nearing the end of Q1 – and although we are three months into 2023, the season of new beginnings feels like a fresh start, with the blooming of flowers and gloriously sunny days.

The world of business is vast and fast-paced and exciting – and new opportunities keep coming. We’re excited to be showcasing a range of award-winning businesses who capitalise on the opportunities that come their way and who aren’t afraid of change.

One of these companies is our cover feature, the cutting-edge R3 Stem Cell, whose experts harness the human body’s natural repair mechanism to repair tissue injuries without the need for surgery. It is truly extraordinary and this concept may even sound futuristic, but it’s happening right now, and it’s transforming peoples’ lives, giving them back the ability to do the things they love while pain-free.

Also among these pages, we celebrate a music school, a graduate recruitment agency, a translation provider, a digital marketing agency, and more – all outstanding businesses who are truly showing their industries how it’s done. I’m feeling inspired by our award winners as I look out of the window at the bright blue skies and listen to the sound of the birds chirping away.

I hope you also enjoy the content of this issue and wish you a wonderful month ahead. See you again soon.