Issue 7 2020

Corporate Vision Issue 7 2020 cover

Welcome to the July edition of Corporate Vision magazine. As always, we aim to bring you the latest news and features from across the global corporate landscape.

And so we begin a rather tentative reopening. Some of you, I’m sure, are eager to get back to full operation, while others are more trepidatious. Wherever you stand, it’s an uncertain time for everyone. In many ways, there’s no overwhelmingly ‘right’ way to move forward, and we can only be cautious and abide by today’s best practices.

With that in mind, it also pays to pay attention to each other. To learn from each other. What works for one business could apply to your own. So, we’ve collated just a few companies across the globe who are looking to innovate, create and discover new ways to do business in this very different world we find ourselves in. To put it simply, the rules have changed, and we have to change with them.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and well. Corporate Vision will be here to deliver the latest features for the future of better business.