Issue 9 2021

Welcome to the September edition of Corporate Vision Magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape in 2021.

We’ve seen a great deal of change in the way we live and work over the past year, much of it driven by the effects of Covid-19. Now that we are looking at life beyond the pandemic – or rather, life beyond lockdowns and social distancing – it is clear to see that some of these changes are here to stay. From remote working across continents to the rise of digital communication, technology exists at the centre of our development, both personal and professional.

In this month’s issue of Corporate Vision magazine, we explore a broad spectrum of businesses across the world that are evolving and modernising through the use of innovative technology. From Trade Processing and Reporting Services Firms like this month’s cover company, Point Nine, to businesses in the financial, automotive, health and even education sectors, this month’s selection of companies is proving that the future is digital.

We invite you to join us in discovering more about the fascinating work of the award-winning businesses featured within this September issue. We wish you all the best for the month ahead and look forward to welcoming you back for the October issue of Corporate Vision Magazine.