Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022

Introducing the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 For the past three years, Corporate Vision magazine have been dedicated to honouring the top performers in the global Coaching and Recruitment space – and this year will be no different – with our popular awards program making a comeback once again! Through the Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2022, we will continue to expand our reach within this sector, providing our winning firms with a platform to shout about their success and increase their exposure amongst a targeted audience of industry peers and potential clients. Following the challenges of the pandemic where many recruitment agencies were struggling financially, 2022 so far has seen a promising uptake in revenues, and many industry experts are optimistic that market performance will continue this upwards trajectory going forward. Likewise, the Corporate Coaching and Training sector is also experiencing a boom post COVID-19, with both revenue and international coaching memberships spiking significantly in the past couple of years. Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editors Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland, Editor Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Media Innovator Awards 2022 3 Contents 4. CulverCareers: Best Sales & Marketing Recruitment Company 2022 - Western USA 6. Revolution Solutions: Most Client-Focused Leadership Coach (Florida, and Virginia): Kyle Moses, Ph.D., MBA, PCC 8. River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd: Most Inclusive 1:1 Coaching Company - Singapore 9. VITRU | International Executive Recruitment: Best International Executive Recruitment Firm 2022 - Benelux 10. S2BConnected: Best Digital Transformation Coaching Specialists 2022 11. Freeman’S Choice: Best Nursing & Care Temporary Staffing Solutions Provider 2022 - North East England 13. OMS: Most Innovative Compliance Consultancy & Training Organisation - Midlands 14. East Recruitment Admin Ltd: Best Factory Worker Recruitment Specialists - Midlands 15. Arthur Rose Recruitment Ltd: Best Engineering & Technical Recruitment Specialists - Yorkshire 16. SalesBoost, LLC: Advanced Skill-Based Simulation Platform of the Year 2022 - USA 17. One Xec Ltd: Best Leadership & Organisational Development Solutions - East of England 18. Go Nomading Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Team Leadership Coaching Provider - Singapore 19. Conscia Training: Leading RPO Service Provider - Ireland 20. Civility Partners: Best Full-Service HR Consulting Firm 2022 - California 21. Matrix SCM: Most Innovative Temporary Workforce Management Solutions Provider - South East England 22. Insignia Global Partners Ltd: Best Overseas Personnel Recruitment Agency - UK & Client Service Excellence Award 2022 23. The Art Of Strategy: Most Inspiring Business Coaching Firm - Alberta 24. AcComm & Image International Co., Ltd.: Most Innovative Coaching & Learning Ecosystem - Thailand 25. Mark Schall Coaching: Best Corporate Coach (Northeast USA) 26. Whiteroom Europe: Best Performance Leadership Coaching Solutions - South East England

“CulverCareers is a force of nature.” - Tim Culver, CEO Established over 40 years’ ago, CulverCareers has become one of the de facto leaders in the global recruitment sphere. Known for its results-driven approach that distinguishes it from its competitors, CulverCareers and its expert team utilises a three-step approach that has, over time, earned it a NPS of 97.3% from its clients. This is a score that simply marks the company as exceptional, but is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the brilliance of CulverCareers. But let’s talk about that three-step process. Tim Culver, CEO, emphasises the importance of a robust approach that considers numerous variables to ensure satisfaction across all parties. “The first is our discovery phase; an overall analysis of your growth and hiring goals, current recruiting procedures and the intricacies of the position. The second is our solutions phase where we begin to recruit high-end talent. The majority of candidates we reach are passive, meaning that they are not actively looking for a new job. These are the ones you want to talk with. We present the opportunity and vet the candidate for fit. “The third is the implementation phase when we begin to send you candidates. We will only send the best and brightest candidates to you ensuring each interview is time well spent. We will support, and co- ordinate, the interview process all the while removing any uncertainty on where the candidate stands.” It may perhaps be surprising that CulverCareers focuses on passive recruits rather than those actively looking for a new position. However, in this way, the company can ensure that they are hiring the best possible person for the role – the market isn’t restricted to only those active applicants. This also ensures that the candidate is taking on the position due to the merits of the position and the company, rather than be driven by necessity. This is a key distinguisher for CulverCareers – an outside of the box approach that few others are utilising. When it comes to the values that CulverCareers cultivates among its own team, it should be no surprise that its process remains as diligent and detailed as ever. Tim continues here, discussing the company’s dedication to excellence. “Our values are defined by the words: Build. Strive to be bigger and better tomorrow than we are today. Opportunity. Create opportunities for our clients, candidates and employees. Strategic Partnerships. View clients, candidates, vendors and employees as strategic partners. Integrity. Act with integrity in all we do and expect it in return. Appreciation. Appreciate what we have and want to show it. ICE BLUE Culture. Intelligent, collaborative, exciting, balanced, living, unique, empowered.” “Recruiting is about transparency, integrity, sophisticated search and hard work.” - Tim Culver, CEO Best Sales & Marketing Recruitment Company 2022 - Western USA Recruitment is a vast landscape, constantly evolving, with almost innumerable entities working to create best practices and lead the pack. CulverCareers has made a name for itself for being, in its own words, a force of nature. Following its success in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards, we took a closer look at its incredible work. Recruitment is challenging. It relies on personability, and an ‘insideout’ understanding of myriad industries. CulverCareers’ reputation in the industry stands as a potent testament to the strength of its team, leadership and process. With all of that in mind, the hurricane that comprises its logo seems very fitting, denoting a paradigm-setting approach that looks to decimate the competition. “It’s a force of nature, just like we are! But instead of leaving a path of destruction, we power success across today’s landscape. Whatever obstacles get in the way of your success, we’re here to blow them away!” All in all, CulverCareers has produced an enticing offering for companies, professionals and clients alike through its costeffective, results-driven, water-tight solutions, as Tim adds in his closing comments. “Whether you’re a professional looking to maximize your income or an organization that needs top performers to drive revenue, CulverCareers gives you the power you need to succeed. We’ve spent more than 30 years honing our craft, building our networks and establishing a reputation as the place to go for recruitment.” As CV’s Best Sales & Marketing Recruitment Company in the western sphere of the USA, CulverCareers has become a pioneering, pacesetting, paradigm-creating leader in recruitment. By focusing on two of the most competitive arenas in business – Sales and Marketing – it has proven to be a powerful ally for businesses that want to level up their team by onboarding the best possible candidate for any position. An impressive feat by every consideration. The future of the firm looks to capitalise on this reputation further, with the next 12 months seeing the team refine their process in a post-pandemic world – a world that looks to see business boom and thrive across the USA. Awards & Accolades CulverCareers has a long history of achieving recognition across a plethora of establishments and organisations within recruitment and the greater business landscape. • SBIEC Excellence in Commerce State of California • San Diego Business of the Year • Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company in U.S. (two-time winner) • Ranked Top 1% of Recruiting Firms in North America 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 by Inavero Research CulverCareers Address: 445 Marine View Ave #101, Del Mar, CA 92014, United States Telephone: +1 858-875-1007 Website:

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Leadership coaching is simply crucial in the modern world of business and government. On a landscape that is constantly shifting, adapting, innovating and evolving, any enterprise must be agile and dynamic – and those qualities must trickle down from the very top. Enduring success, in many ways, relies on this ability to change and ‘level up’ continuously, reflecting the greater paradigm across all professional industries and markets. So, leaders are left with an obvious path ahead in the form of coaching. When it comes to professional business coaching, Kyle Moses and Revolution Solutions has forged a considerable reputation for delivering results and exceeding expectations. One of the central pillars of this success lies in a strong core mission and intentional messaging: that every leader and organisation has unharnessed potential. While no business is perfect, improvements can always be made at any level. This messaging is certainly apt, considering Revolution Solutions’s name, evoking the image of constant movement, constant improvement, momentum, and pushing forward beyond potential stagnation. Kyle takes a moment to explain further, “It’s a common pitfall — businesses often know change must occur, either on the organisation level or leadership level, but solutions and implementations can become the obstacles to further growth. We focus on supporting transformation at both levels, fundamentally changing the way that something works. The ‘revolution’ changes what is possible.” This ethos recognizes that business transformation needs change, and often large-scale changes that leaders are naturally hesitant to make. Of course, Kyle also recognizes that the word “change” can sometimes be used aimlessly; the use of “transformation” signals meaningful action – a drive to evolve and morph into the best version of the leadership team and company. It is here, then, that Revolution Solution draws a line in the sand, leading its clients down a path of metamorphosis, not change for the sake of it. “We take a holistic approach, knowing that transformation is typically needed across the board. And, equally as important, we understand that no two clients will ever need the same solution, so we take a truly Most Client-Focused Leadership Coach (Florida, and Virginia): Kyle Moses, Ph.D., MBA, PCC Corporate Coaching is a booming industry with a plethora of talented businesses and individuals operating within it. But business is changing, and changing dramatically – so how can current leaders both adapt to the current operational and information environments as well as hire those who are fit for purpose? Following his success in this program, we spoke to Principal Kyle Moses, Ph.D., on the secret to Revolution Solutions reputation in the highly competitive coaching arena. bespoke, mindful approach that considers the individual culture, structure, and services.” “Revolution Solution is also results-focused, as well as client-focused. We only work with 8 to 12 organizations a year, to ensure we develop a robust relationship with each business to achieve the results they want to see. It’s also important to only work with those businesses that want to transform and are entirely ready for it. As we work with SMEs, we look for leadership commitment to the process, and are fully invested in being a partner to achieve results.” There are few industries that Revolution Solutions doesn’t have experience in, having achieved a synergy with organizations across information technology, finance, non-profit, healthcare, industrial, and government bodies. Moreover, for Kyle and Revolution Solutions, there is absolutely an element of ‘practicing what you preach’ – that is to say, that keeping abreast with business trends is absolutely essential to the way that the company operates internally, with a culture defined by innovation and proactivity. “We live what we practice. We operate through a client focused approach. We are constantly learning, using approaches to solutions that addresses risks and results, the diversity of our clients, and a tailored approach with solutions based on scientifically proven solutions not FADs.” There can be no doubt that the way we do business is changing and will continue to change at a breakneck pace for years to come. The COVID-19 pandemic was an intense crucible of change for many businesses, as they had to adapt to the idea of the workplace – which had seen relatively little change for decades – being turned on its head seemingly overnight. In 2021, this manifested in some 40% of people working remotely or on a hybrid basis. The pandemic’s impact will surely be felt for years down the line, with the world of work shifting in its wake. This is magnified by the behaviours of the next wave of leaders set to redefine business and the working environment, with all markers pointing to Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y each manifesting their own values and ethos into the way they work. Further, the way they lead will be vastly different from the previous generation of leaders. By all regards, Revolution Solution is well placed to tackle these nuances and ensure that leadership remains prepared and agile to transform, in turn, whatever the future may bring. Company Name: Revolution Solutions Contact: Kyle Moses, PhD Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 571-992-7370 “It’s a common pitfall — businesses often know change must occur, either on the organisation level or leadership level, but solutions and implementations can become the obstacles to further growth. We focus on supporting transformation at both levels, fundamentally changing the way that something works. The ‘revolution’ changes what is possible.”

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Overall, Jenny’s mission with River Life Coaching is to be known as the number one professional coach for introverts. She says, “I intend to attain this by launching unique coaching programmes geared towards supporting introverts. I am also working towards growing my mentor coaching business in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.” And we are truly rooting for her business’ ongoing success as she continues to use her own experiences to help others. Company: River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. Contact: Jenny Toh Email: [email protected] Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Nov22369 Most Inclusive 1:1 Coaching Company - Singapore River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. provides one-to-one and group coaching services to support individuals in their professional and personal goals. Owned and run by one-woman band Jenny Toh, her mission is to empower individuals, particularly introverts, to identify and live out their strengths whilst remaining authentic to their true selves. Following the extraordinary success of her business within the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022, we learn more about the work Jenny does. Jenny Toh has 25 years’ experience as a lawyer, having worked as a litigator, corporate attorney, and a derivatives legal counsel in Malaysia and Singapore. She is also a mother of three children, and an active member at her local church. Yet, she felt an inner yearning for something more, like she wasn’t living her life to its fullest potential. Although an introvert herself, Jenny puts herself out there as a coach who truly understands introversion and supports introverts to be visible whilst remaining authentic. Her legal experience provides her with the background and experience to support those clients who are in the legal and banking and finance industries as she can relate to their experiences. Ultimately, she sees herself as an acclaimed coach for introverts. Jenny is also a Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer, and provides mentor coaching services to fellow coaches who are credentialled with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She says, “I believe my varied experiences of coaching on multiple platforms and working with private clients enables me to be a well-versed and empathetic mentor coach.” Having started the business during the pandemic, Jenny was initially focused on one-to-one coaching, and all of her sessions were held online. She found this worked well as introverts tend to enjoy meeting online as they feel safer and it is a more private set-up for them. Currently running the business on her own, this has also helped her to optimise her operational costs in terms of office premises and support staff. Meanwhile, since her company’s establishment, Jenny has gone on to offer more diversified services whilst still retaining her aim to empower individuals to define their success on their own terms. To help her do this, she collaborates with other coaches and companies in projects and training. She states, “I believe that we all have our own unique talents and experiences to bring to the table. I am a strong believer in the collective wisdom of a community with a clearly defined vision and objective.” So, what does working on a new project or training programme involve? Jenny gives us an insight: “I test it out by gathering market intel through providing free introductory webinars to gauge audience engagement and acceptance. I launch it to different audience groups. I also leverage on my network and have them spread the word for me. Normally, I identify a particular pain point and work toward addressing it with a solution or a strategy.”

Oct22552 Best International Executive Recruitment Firm 2022 - Benelux When it comes to recruitment, it pays to find the right team. Having achieved success in 2021, we turn our eyes to the amazing team behind VITRU | International Executive Recruitment. With incredible success behind them in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022, we thought it right to catch up with some of the changes that have taken place over the last year. Recruitment is a tricky job. Finding staff who not only have the technical skills, but the right company fit, is an immense challenge. Fortunately, many are in the good position to turn to the team at VITRU to support them. This incredible international, full service boutique recruitment agency provides amazing full-service activities to clients, earning a reputation that is second to none. The team’s work sees them recruiting in a host of different environments, turning to various partners who have unique insight into industry networks. This awareness allows them to service clients in the best possible way, offering an approach which is transparent, knowledgeable, and filled with potential. VITRU was designed to manage the recruitment of senior level managers, but often they expect the process to include the hiring of a team too. The expansion of VITRU to serve these needs has seen the creation of ValueSelect | International Recruitment Solutions. With a fixed fee, clients always know their recruitment budget and never pay more for a more expensive candidate. It’s this transparency at all times that has brought the team such an enviable position in the industry. When people turn to the VITRU or ValueSelect team, they know they will find the same standard of excellent service, process guidance, organisation, and network they are used to. Part of the key to the success of VITRU has been staying ahead of the curve when it comes to ways of working. Since the firm’s inception, the team have worked remotely which has allowed them to keep costs low and the speed of candidate delivery high. At this level of working, results are what matters and the unconventional way of working has created stunning advantages for the team. Needless to say, the flexibility of working remotely has allowed for a pro-active team to make decisions that benefits clients faster than any other competitors. VITRU doesn’t dictate how they work but empowers them with the tools that they need to thrive. Through focusing on the customer, and ignoring any other distractions, the team can make a real difference to how businesses around the world operate. Looking ahead, it’s clear that there is enormous potential for VITRU to thrive. The growth of the business to include ValueSelect has opened up a massive new market, and the team have grown in terms of business and revenue to match this. VITRU has established a plan for growth which will see the size of the business double in 2023. Many new partners are looking to join the VITRU team as they become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Since their success in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021, VITRU has grown significantly. Their international outreach is a reflection of how the need for services of such a high calibre has continued to grow. At the end of the day, this is a firm which thrives thanks to focusing on the needs of people. As long as the team continue to do this, there is no limit to what they can achieve. Company: VITRU | International Executive Recruitment Name: Guy Laeven Email: [email protected] Web Address: Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 9 Left side Max Eweg, right Side Guy Laeven.

Digital transformation is becoming a key consideration for modern businesses. After all, the world is only becoming more and more online, and companies of all sizes need to stay ahead of this paradigm shift, or otherwise risk falling behind. On the back of S2Bconnected’s well-deserved success in the programme, we spoke with CEO Jana Bulkin to find out more about its services and expertise. Like many in this sphere, S2Bconnected started life as an IT consultancy company aiding clients in adopting new technology to bolster their operations. Technology moves swiftly, and the industry and its offerings can be confusing for those not outside of the sphere or otherwise uninformed. Where S2Bconnected has thrived and differentiated itself is in understanding that the best technology isn’t the only consideration when it comes to integrating solutions to businesses – it’s about the people that work there, alongside their ethos, mission and purpose. In this way, the company has pivoted to complete digital transformation, using digital tools as a vehicle for development, as Jana explains. “The product will accomplish the journey and it will be surrounded by processes regarding the value chain the company is following. I changed the focus from purely technology driven consultancy into the direction in finding the passion and purpose and to discover potential pain points with the help of the coaching methodology. S2BC: coach becomes the enabler. Based on the results my clients like to reach. Services like S2BC: academy or S2BC: consult will be the next level. “I see establishing core values as an important differentiator for potential growth. This was the reason to become a certified Barrett Value Consultant to have the opportunity in taking advantage of the tools and research Barrett Value Center is providing.” “With S2BC: academy we do provide trainings and workshops – supporting here within upskilling initiatives with methodology or technology expertise. S2BC: consult will help the clients in setting up the strategy and providing an implementation roadmap. The services of S2Bconnected are modules they are accomplishing each other but not necessarily depending on each other. Based on a 1st free of charge 60 – 90 min chemistry talk, where we will reflect the purpose and potential needs, we are going to provide offering related to the individual needs.” This strong focus on purpose and value has proven to be a critical tool when it comes to achieving results too. By pinpointed issues, inconstancies and areas of improvements, Jana and S2Bconnected’s reputation has burgeoned despite incredible competition in the digital transformation space. As Jana says, by adopting this approach “there will always be a solution. “I try to understand the motivation to join the company first, putting aside their technical qualifications. The most important consideration is the opportunity in creating trust. I do see a common set of values as one of the key things that enables a living cooperate culture. It is also important that everybody understands the ‘why’.” It’s easy to see why digital transformation is important in the modern business world, but it’s not useful to blindly implement technology if it doesn’t fit the company culture and workflow. It needs guidance, and an expertise to utilise to its fullest potential. That’s where S2Bconnected steps in. “It isn’t just the adoption of technology – new technology needs the skill, the awareness about potential risk, a mindset for growth and an organization and people they like to take the challenge - the clearness regards the purpose and the why about and a proper communication about is the enabler. You will recognize that S2Bconnected will focus more on the coaching and being an advisor to help in mastering the challenges,” Jana adds. “I am a person who likes to follow a vision from a “Think big” approach and decides with the teams the steps which needs to be done following clear responsibilities and clear communication of targets – that’s part of the framework which give everyone the opportunity in finding the approach which fits best. Sure regular trainings, education, relaxation, team building activities accomplishing all the things beside of regular celebration of the results. It is very important that you walk the talk.” Company: S2Bconnected Name: Jana Bulkin, CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec22397 Best Digital Transformation Coaching Specialists 2022

Dec22188 Best Nursing & Care Temporary Staffing Solutions Provider 2022 - North East England Recruitment is all about finding the right person for the position. A recruiter has numerous variables to consider, and those variables are compounded when recruiting in the nursing and healthcare space. Following its success in the awards programme, we took a closer look at Freeman’s Choice and its exceptional reputation in the industry. Recruiting on the healthcare landscape requires an expert touch. After all, there are – rightly – the highest of expectations. Putting aside the obvious need for the required qualifications, applicants need to be patient-centric, personable, flexible, and fit into the prospective culture. Ultimately, finding the right person can make an immense difference to a patient. In this arena, Freeman’s Choice has made an indelible mark in North England for its tried and tested approach for filling temporary positions in the nursing and care industry. The company specialises in providing “dedicated, skilled workers” to support health care teams and organisations. As in all recruitment markets, client-centricity remains a simply crucial part of the process. Freeman’s Choice puts client-centricity at the crux of its services, understanding that no client is the same when it comes to requirements and culture. Perhaps the strongest testament to the company’s position in the industry lies in its training programmes dedicated to ensuring compliance in the healthcare space. In this way, Freeman’s Choice has become a de facto and noted leader, an expert that is uplifting others to its exacting standards. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that Freeman’s Choice was recognised in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards. In an industry that requires the highest of standards to remain functional, Freeman’s Choice not only meets those – but exceeds them and allows others to follow in its footsteps towards excellence. Of course, the company doesn’t stop there, and even offers home care services such as reablement, as well as end-of-life, respite and live-in care. The future of the company lies in capitalising on its already impressive reputation, while also reinforcing its current services towards an ever-changing healthcare landscape. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on the industry, leading to swift adaptation in face of incredible instability and uncertainty. Now, in 2023, those changes have largely been locked in, and the industry is once again in a period of stability and growth. By all regards, Freeman’s Choice remains at the forefront to help lead the way. Its robust foundation and processes are now firmly in place to weather future challenges, whatever they may be. Freeman’s Choice Telephone: 01329595952 Email: [email protected] Address: Echo Building, West wear Street, Sunderland SR1 1XD Website: Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 11 Freeman’S Choice

APVantage, LLC (APVantage) is a leading player in the industrial staffing space in North America. Following its well-deserved success in this awards programme, we spoke with Vice President and General Manager John Crager to find out more about its incredible reputation. Industry is the engine of the greater business world, working often ‘behind the scenes’ to deliver exceptional infrastructure, logistics and development that helps drive other spheres towards excellence. Of course, the industry world is only as good as those that work every day to deliver solutions – which is where APVantage comes in. John describes the company as a “fresh, but experienced player”, and this seems very apt. While being a relative newcomer into the space, it is helmed and operated by those with the experience to steer it towards success. And indeed, that’s exactly what has happened. “APVantage is a rapidly growing start-up providing critical skills staffing, specifically experienced discipline planners, schedulers, project controls, and execution leaders, to heavy industrial clients. For our clients we bring in only “A” team players. The players who everyone wants on their team and who can get stuff done on time, on, budget and with a minimum amount of fuss. These crafts people come to work,” John explains in his opening comments. Having a strong work ethic and applicable qualifications are only the starting point for finding the perfect applicant for an open position, and APVantage understands that fundamentally as John continues. “We look at each assignment holistically with the client and the APVantage team member in mind. From the client’s perspective, we try to understand the engineering problem they are trying to solve so that we can match them with the right person to get the job done.” Of course, it should go without saying that qualifications are the starting point for the company when fielding applications, with upper-level management positions requiring at least five years’ experience to ensure consistent onboarding quality. “At APVantage, when I review a resume of a potential Critical Skills Team member, my eyes drop to two things initially; 1. Do you have a NCCER certification or a journeyman card in your trade, and 2. Do you have five years as a planner or planner/scheduler? Why are these important? “NCCER certification or a journeyman’s card show in a trade that you have both classroom and field experience, coupled with passing one or more assessments that are the hallmark of someone safe and productive on a job site. You understand your trade. These are the most substantial independent endorsements of your knowledge and skill. Five years of experience as a planner shows that you understand what it takes to be a “good” planner. Think of it as a second apprenticeship; you should have learned and mastered the steps and tasks necessary to plan a safe, effective, and efficient job in your trade and others.” “….our Turnaround Managers and Execution Leads average almost 40 years in the business. They have worked and delivered countless significant turnarounds and capital projects. They know their business and expect you to know yours.” Nov22787 Best Industrial Staffing Start-Up 2022 - North America Despite being a relative newcomer in the space, APVantage has set the benchmark when it comes to setting industry standards for the industrial recruitment space. Its future then, lies in expansion and on capitalising on its peerless reputation, as John discusses. “We have recently expanded to offer our services to companies looking to fill the gap with regards to Routine Maintenance. Routine Maintenance challenges have a tendency to drive Turnaround and Capital Project scope and cost. If we can solve your staffing issues in Routine Maintenance, we can help lessen pressure on other events where it costs much more to operate.” Company Name: APVantage, LLC Contact Name: John Crager, Vice President and General Manager Address: 455 E. Medical Blvd, Suite 200, Webster, TX 77506 Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Telephone Number: 404-493-4687 Subscribe to our monthly newsletter:

Nov22372 Most Innovative Compliance Consultancy & Training Organisation - Midlands Compliance training is, in a word, crucial in today’s business climate. After all, to stay competitive and relevant across a variety of industries requires a commitment to the highest of standards – with many potential clients being swayed by the acquisition of certain industry benchmarks. As such, as more and more businesses enter the greater arena, the need for training is a constant demand. A demand that OMS has certainly sated. For over 25 years now, OMS has remained consistent in delivering training and consultancy solutions that have served to differentiate it from an ever-increasingly competitive market. While it is based in Leicestershire, with its training centre also in the county, OMS operates across the Midlands and throughout the UK with a robust network of associates able to deliver expert services. “…Consultancy and training services that provide you with the support, advice and guidance you need to meet your regulatory requirements and improve your business performance.” This is ultimately echoed in the company’s leadership team. Indeed. while Clive himself specialises in bespoke management solutions within health and safety and quality, environment and business continuity, the rest of the leadership team has their own specific areas of interest. Together, the team creates a diverse and exceptional skillset that has proven to be a key tool in its operations, and in establishing its peerless reputation. “With this broad range of expertise, we are able to apply consultancy and training principles internally to empower and invest within the team itself,” Clive adds. The company practices what it preaches in this way, ensuring that all members of the company remain competitive, highly skilled and some of the best talent in the industry. So, with all of that in mind, the future of OMS continues in much the same way as it has over the last 25, albeit with a keen eye on potential changes coming down the pipeline. After all, the compliance landscape constantly shifts, expands and develops. All in all, OMS has the leadership, team, and talent to remain ahead of the pack, and indeed the prevalent pacesetter in the industry. Company Name: OMS Office Address: OMS, Dromintee Road, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 1TX Telephone: 01530 833533 Website: Email: [email protected] Established in 1998, OMS has become one of the paragons in the UK’s compliance space, known for delivering best in class solutions to a plethora of businesses. On the back of its success in the 2022 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards, we spoke with Clive Ormerod, Director of OMS, to find out more about its achievements and history of success. Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 13

As East Recruitment Admin LTD’s Director, Imelda Keturkaite states, “the workforce is the foundation of any organisation”. Recruitment can often be the unsung hero when it comes to driving greater success on the business landscape. Following its recognition in the programme, we spoke with Imelda to find out more about the company’s processes and achievements. Everyone is good at something. The trick is finding the right position for the person. While most consider qualifications and experience, it is also important to consider company culture – something that works on paper, might not work in practice. This client-centric perspective is the cornerstone of many successful recruitment companies today, and it is a quality that East Recruitment puts at the forefront of its processes. “East Recruitment understands this and strives to provide the right candidates for the right positions. We are a recruitment agency based in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, that is managed by specialists. With many years of knowledge and practice in the field, we know how to source and provide the best staff for a vast number of industries. East Recruitment has contributed to many businesses in the UK and only believes in supporting and driving them forward. “Our aim is to provide staff that not only meet the expectations of our clients but exceed beyond them. By establishing a strong connection with all the businesses, we work with, we are able to suit and fulfil every requirement. What separates us from the rest, however, is that East Recruitment takes care of it all. Whether it is the transportation or the necessary equipment, we provide it all. Delivering a simple and easy solution for all of our clients.” Where the company has really differentiated itself lies in its end-to-end solution to recruitment, which aims to offer peace of mind and assurance. It’s no secret that recruitment can be stressful for any company to manage internally – East Recruitment, essentially, take the load off internal resources, allowing the company to do what it does best. “With care and carefully calculated expertise at each stage of the recruitment process, we enable certainty and success for both us and the clients we work with. “Understanding this is a people business, we have grounded our communications and transparency, leading to a strong sense of trust and the ability to adapt and deal with the changing demand. This has allowed our clients to distinguish us from previous recruitment agencies that they have worked with as we deliver an efficient and effective solution that drives business success without a premium attached,” Imelda adds. “Although an obvious step, our first principle is to ensure we give 110% when we onboard a new client to the company as we aim to set high expectations immediately and ensure we only work upwards from there.” So, what does the future hold for East Recruitment? How does it plan to capitalise on the hard work and successes it has achieved so far? Naturally, expansion is in the works, with a hope to reinforce its already impressive approach towards catering to the challenging economic environment the UK currently faces. “The aims and ambitions of the company will continue to be the bridge between the supply and demand for resourcing in the local area, ensuring success for the thriving businesses we are surrounded by. However, with every prosperous year, we aspire to keep expanding our network and provide support in further industries and areas. Being a people business at the core, we always aim to keep developing our relationships with old and new clientele as we understand this is the driver of our momentum. “East Recruitment is a very welcoming business with lots of happy faces, so please feel free to reach out to learn more about the company and Best Factory Worker Recruitment Specialists - Midlands the services we provide. We would be more than happy to schedule a call to discuss how we can support you, whether you are a business seeking to fulfil resourcing demand or simply an individual looking for exciting new opportunities. “ East Recruitment Admin LTD is also a member of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP), a member of Stronger Together and has a Gangmasters Licence issued by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA), who we have been working with closely for many years. Company: East Recruitment Admin LTD Name: Imelda Keturkaite, Director Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Best Engineering & Technical Recruitment Specialists - Yorkshire While recruitment has largely been dominated by larger organisations, smaller agencies have certainly looked to shift the dominant paradigm in recent years. After all, small companies are more agile, more dynamic, and often driven by more innovative ideas. Today, the greater recruitment sphere relies on the expertise of these SMEs – as does, arguably, much of the business world. For Jason, Arthur Rose Recruitment has thrived through its ability to outmanoeuvre industry goliaths, all while delivering best in class solutions to a plethora of markets. “We provide recruitment solutions to a huge range of businesses throughout the UK, originally, we were going to cover just Yorkshire at the inception of the business but as things changed, we branched out nationwide to service our clients’ other sites. The mission is to provide an honest approach to recruitment, so you know where you stand. Our honesty and the fact we are a small business we can react a lot quicker than larger businesses. And because of us being smaller, we have that personal touch, so when dealing with clients, we build those relationships to enable us to build trust and integrity,” Jason explains in more detail. Of course, one of the key distinguishers in this highly competitive space is the ability to be bespoke in approach. Client centricity remains crucial for companies of all sizes here – and is certainly fulfilled by Arthur Rose Recruitment’s processes. The other side of the coin is attitude, which is an often-underappreciated skill to have in the industry, as Jason discusses further. “Attitude – I’ve always believed that skills can be trained where with recruitment you have to have the right attitude and desire to succeed as there are plenty of ups and downs. One of the key parts of our culture is that everyone is free to voice their opinion, as everyone comes with a unique perspective, which can ultimately help us grow as a business. “I think the key to taking on any new project is having a solid plan, and then outlining the benefits of why we’re doing it. Laying those solid foundations ensure that when we are getting the buy-in of key stakeholders or recruiting third parties to work on implementation, then we’re all focussed on the same outcome.” With all of this in mind, the future of Arthur Rose Recruitment lies in ‘continuing on’ and ensuring that its processes remain cutting edge in a sector that constantly shifts and develops. “We aim to continue what we are doing to make sure we look after our existing client base, most who have been with us since the business started and look at the growth plans for next year by adding to our head count. For such a young company, it’s humbling to know we’re starting off on the right foot by being recognised with this award, and from this starting point, we’re looking to grow in the next 12-18 months and train a new wave of Recruiters to ensure we deliver an ethical and professional service to our customers.” Company: Arthur Rose Recruitment Ltd Name: Jason Duffy, Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Arthur Rose Recruitment has excelled across industries across both Yorkshire and across the rest of the UK. Following their success in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards programme we spoke with Director Jason Duffy to find out more about its expertise. Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 15

new behaviours through our modern, active learning simulation environment. Greater skill retention leads to higher productivity and thereby results,” Megan adds. It would be remiss to gloss over the potential of the EdTech industry over the next couple of years and beyond. Make no mistake, it is currently a global goliath, its potential remains largely untapped – that is set to change soon, with new investment and talent entering the arena every day. SalesBoost is well positioned to scale, develop, and lead the way, in this new world. Key among these differentiators is the company’s patented voice analysis technology, Megan explains. “This technology puts the learner in an augmented reality simulation. During this process, the learner gets to practice real-life conversations repeatedly until they are confident and communicate effectively based on the scenario. During their simulation our technology instantly analyses, assesses, and evaluates their voice and provides objective coaching and feedback. We are the only organization that can provide this unique and patented training methodology. “We are rooted in science and the principles of neuroscience in adult learning, where research shows that adults learn best by doing (active learning). We have bridged the gap between learning and performance by adding in the missing link - practice. Learner’s rehearse real life scenarios and conversations to build muscle memory through repeat practice. This active learning approach increases learning retention, changes behaviors, and builds skills. It’s not rocket science, but it is scientific! Your people will retain 90% of the information they learn with our assessment and evaluation technology vs. 20% with traditional training methods.” With imminent growth on the horizon, what does the more immediate future of SalesBoost look like? Megan believes the company is keen to establish a more robust network to create pathways to new markets. “We are partnering with Dallas College to provide hospitality certifications in sales, frontline service delivery, and leadership development. We have also partnered with Maryland Tourism Coalition to provide training for all hospitality sectors and organizations throughout the state of Maryland.” Company: SalesBoost Name: Megan Gabriel Vice President Enterprise Sales Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4514 Cole Avenue, Suite 600 Dallas, TX. 75202 Telephone: + 1469-888-8382 Learning is lifelong. If you work in business, this should be a sort of mantra. After all, if you want to stay competitive, you need to keep up with the relentless forward momentum of the greater business world. When it comes to this sphere of things, SalesBoost has become a standout, known for its best-in-class platform. We spoke with Megan Gabriel, Vice President Enterprise Sales, to find out more. Megan describes SalesBoost as a “secret weapon for organisations to unlock the potential of their people”. Rooted in science, this tool is a key driver for growth and innovation. As an on-demand skill-based learning platform, it has endeavoured to help bolster businesses around the US to remain competitive and agile in their respective industries. “We take a consultative approach with our customers to create a custom training program that fills the skill gaps within their enterprise. We leverage our training expertise and innovative technology to provide our customers with the most immersive and advanced skill-based simulation learning platform. SalesBoost enables teams to perform at their highest level, by increasing employee engagement and consistent skill development. As a result, organizations will see a sustainable and on-going boost in customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and profitable results. We believe our greatest success is the result of our people, purpose, and our passion. We consider our team members to be our most valuable assets and we care about providing a stellar company culture that fosters teamwork and collaboration, creativity, continuous learning, integrity, and excellence. Our mission is to accelerate results by transforming and developing learners and leaders utilizing the most innovative training method in the hospitality industry. “ “Our culture creed is, ‘We bring our best selves to work, to our customers, and to our community.’” The efficacy of the platform speaks for itself when you consider the data. “SalesBoost has the highest efficacy of any training platform on the market. We are the only training solution that can guarantee that learners retain 90% of skills and develop Advanced Skill-Based Simulation Platform of the Year 2022 - USA

Best Leadership & Organisational Development Solutions - East of England My mission is to “Help People to be Brilliant”. - Juliett Bohanna, Director of Organisational Development Leadership consultation, business and executive coaching, systems efficiency development – there are a plethora of options for those wanting to level up their company through external guidance. Juliet Bohanna has built an incredible reputation in the sphere through being one of the best options for those wanting to be better. Or as Juliett says, “helping people to be brilliant.” Through focusing on holistic transformation, Juliett has reinvented businesses across the UK and beyond. Here, she offers more insight into her approach. “I am a Systemic Team and Executive Coach first and foremost, with the consultant hat coming on and off as clients require it. Transformation of Teams, Leadership, and Organisation all redefining their style, discovery, and connection to their global environment to lead to higher levels of performance, value creation, and happiness. I occasionally use trusted associates to support me to offer: team, group, and executive systemic coaching, leadership and team profiling for development, recruitment, and succession planning. “I have moved away from building and delivering leadership programmes I still do this however; I find these requests fit better with group or team coaching to provide more learner-centic development.” “Culture, Engagement, and Leadership Transformation - I adopt a holistic change discovery model based on design thinking, user experience, and change agility.” Of course, as with all things in this industry, client-centricity is absolutely crucial. You could have the best advice, guidance and expertise, but it matters little if it is directionless, or untailored to the needs of a specific client. An ability to create a fast and robust partnership that is humancentered across both design and delivery can be a key differentiator in this sphere, and it is one that Juliett and One Xec LTD has mastered. “We follow simple rules and co-create with the clients to create partnerships. I want to help people to be brilliant and that means at times helping them to understand what brilliance means to them. Therefore, we don’t apply out-of-the-box solutions charging high premiums for the privilege.” Another key distinguisher lies in Juliett operating remotely, which has allowed her to expand her services to a global market. Of course, this also allowed a degree of insultation once the pandemic rocked the business world – not needing to invest in digital infrastructure or scramble to enter more stable markets. “When Covid first hit I knew it was going to rock my professional world dramatically, I didn’t know when I would feel the force I expected it to freeze before clients thought it would. When it did freeze I didn’t know how long it would be frozen or how it would unfreeze but I knew I had to rethink. Focusing in this way allowed me to channel my energy positively rethinking what clients needed, and how I could be supporting them. “A combination of this preparation, my experience and what the world needed meant I wasn’t rethinking for long. I was quickly applying my research, relearning, and reapplying that learning. In short - Covid has driven me and requests away from larger leadership development programmes opting for smaller group sizes that do not drop the development impact when facilitating remotely. My service has become more concentrated, and I have changed the way I have delivered them.” So, what does 2023 and 2024 have in store for Juliett and One Xec LTD? “I would like to make a new service offer in Q2 2023, it’s looking very busy in Q1 and Q2 (luckily) next year so I will see. I am not pushing something out half-baked.” Company Name: One Xec LTD Contact Name: Juliett Bohanna, Director of Organisational Development Address: 46 Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford. Essex Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 07555656056 Businesses the world over need all the help they can get. It’s a challenging climate out there, defined by unprecedented ‘firsts’ and uncertainty. Many business leaders are not prepared to tackle these issues – many simply had a great idea that they turned into a reality. Following One Xec LTD’s success In the awards programme, we spoke with Director of Organisational Development Juliett Bohanna to find out more. Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 17 One Xec Ltd