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Kalos LLP: Financial Due Diligence Advisors for the Mid-Market

Founded in 2019, Kalos LLP is an internationally recognised boutique CPA firm based in Alberta. With a team of experienced…

Kalos LLP: Financial Due Diligence Advisors for the Mid-Market

4th September 2023


Founded in 2019, Kalos LLP is an internationally recognised boutique CPA firm based in Alberta. With a team of experienced accountants, the firm guides mid-market businesses and financial sponsors through the merger and acquisition process. As a result of the excellent services it provides, Kalos has been awarded Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023.

Kalos was established by Co-Founders Mackenzie and Travis Regent, two experienced finance professionals, who were recent alumni from Big 4 accounting firms at the time. Having honed a multitude of important skills whilst working for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, the pair were inspired to embark on a new project together and tap into their entrepreneurial spirits. They had noticed a lack of services for mid-market companies and small businesses, so they decided to start a new firm to fill this gap.

The product of this idea is Kalos: a firm that has all the strength of a Big 4 company combined with the ability to provide a personal, boutique-level service.

Kalos specialises exclusively in the provision of financial due diligence, valuation, and transaction support. This specialisation means that clients are guaranteed to receive high-quality services, delivered by a team who know their field.

Financial due diligence involves going through the details of a transaction with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that the client is getting the best deal possible. If not, the team will work to maximise its value. This enables clients to close deals with confidence, knowing that the transaction has been evaluated by an expert team.

Kalos primarily serves public companies and private enterprises that are looking to grow by acquisition or complete divestitures. By providing Quality of Earnings and valuation reports, it has supported numerous financial sponsors across North America and Europe with over $1 billion in AUM on both the buy and sell side.

As a boutique firm, Kalos is uniquely positioned to offer the agility required to design the right level of diligence procedures for a client’s deal. It designs an individualised scope of work that focuses on areas that add value and avoid excess cost on minor points. The firm believes in crafting a due diligence process that is built to create solutions, not just identify problems.

When they enlist the support of Kalos, clients can trust that they will receive the full attention of its team of experts, who each have over a decade of experience. This will always be the case, whether their deal is worth $1 million or $1 billion.

The excellent team at Kalos have advised on more than $75 billion in transaction value, more than 325 financial due diligence mandates, and more than 225 valuations as Chartered Business Valuators. In addition to their expertise, all members of the team possess a genuine passion for adding value to clients’ deals, which enhances the standard of service they deliver.

To further guarantee its provision of high-quality services, the Kalos team are encouraged to live by seven core values. These are integrity, excellence, care, courage, grit, trust, and ownership.

The firm’s advocacy of these values has had several positive effects on its internal operations. Firstly, its team members always strive to do the right thing, no matter the circumstances. They also demonstrate commitment to delivering work to the highest standard and maintaining continuous improvement. In addition, they are passionate about making a positive difference to businesses, which allows them to provide an unrivalled level of client care.

Furthermore, the Kalos team are driven to persevere in the face of adversity; their work ethic and commitment to excellence is unmatched. Importantly, all employees at Kalos understand that they should be able to rely on each other due to their shared belief in the importance of character and competence. Lastly, each team member is encouraged to demonstrate initiative and accountability as an individual, but also share collective responsibility for results.

As a result of the work of its incredible founders and team, Kalos has been involved in a multitude of successful deals and transactions in the last 12 months. For example, it advised a strategic buyer in the execution of their growth by acquisition strategy. The team managed to save the client approximately 30% of the original price by renegotiating the EBITDA mechanism to be based on actual figures rather than the forecasted growth of the sell-side.

In addition to this, Kalos served as a vendor due diligence advisor to a private company that was approached by a financial sponsor with more than $150 billion in AUM for an unsolicited buyout. The firm was responsible for advising the seller and leading negotiations related to revenue run-rate and contribution margins. It was able to increase the purchase price by approximately 67%.

Furthermore, on another occasion, Kalos advised a financial sponsor who was planning to purchase approximately 80% of a manufacturing business that sources raw materials from around the world. The firm was able to reduce the purchasing price by approximately 25% by identifying inventory accounting adjustments and negotiating networking capital mechanisms.

Considering the value it has added to clients’ companies, it is no surprise that Kalos has received many positive referrals, which appear to frequently acknowledge the efficiency and dedication of its team. For example, one client comments on the firm, “The best of both worlds: commitment and grit of a small shop with the bench strength of a large M&A advisory practice. Clear communication, quick turnaround, comprehensive due diligence, and an impressive network of resources. For any buyer/seller, large or small, I would not for a second hesitate to recommend their services.”

As a result of its continued excellence, Kalos has been awarded Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm of the Year, Canada, in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to Mackenzie, Travis, and their team for this commendable achievement. In light of its accomplishments in the last 12 months, there is no doubt that the company will continue to help its clients get the most out of their transactions for many years to come.

For further information, please contact Mackenzie Regent or visit

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