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Artvera Private Wealth Management is an independent wealth management boutique, based in London, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, providing customised investment management worldwide, comprehensive wealth planning solutions and corporate advisory services to high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their businesses. Here we take a closer look as it wins Most Outstanding Wealth Management Boutique 2022 – United Kingdom.

Artur Bounegra is the Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Artvera Private Wealth Management (Artvera). He is responsible for strategic management of the company, but a significant portion of his time is devoted to providing clients with comprehensive wealth management services with boutique-style focus.

We are fully focused on serving clients from emerging markets and from our office in Mayfair, London, we manage our clients’ wealth providing them with the full spectrum of investment opportunities worldwide by using a wide range of traditional and alternative investment strategies across all major asset classes,” explains Artur. “We believe that namely the emerging markets will be the biggest contributor to the future global growth of the world economy. This is where all trends in wealth management industry are currently being shaped.”

Artvera also provides its clients with comprehensive wealth planning solutions including financial planning, wealth structuring, tax planning and legal issues, estate planning and business succession planning, and fiduciary and trust services. The firm’s aim is to help its clients to better structure and protect their wealth and to effectively pass their wealth to future generations taking all tax and legal requirements and constraints into account.

The company complements its investment management and comprehensive wealth planning solutions for individuals and their families with the corporate advisory services dedicated to its clients’ businesses, including advising on strategic issues and business planning, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), purchasing, and selling businesses, advising on restructurings and reorganisations, advising on capital markets and capital structure issues.

Artvera’s investment philosophy is focused on achieving long-term investment goals while assuming the least possible amount of risk and its philosophy is built on understanding its clients’ risk profile, tolerance to losses, knowledge and experience, something which is fundamentally important in ensuring that it is able to create and build a truly customised portfolio that is appropriate.

“Following our principle of open architecture, we always provide our clients with the best possible investment solutions in the market by using either our own in-house solutions or external providers’ investment strategies,” continues Artur. “We keep to disciplined “value investing” approach aiming to avoid emotionally driven investment decisions by performing deep and comprehensive analysis before investing in order to ensure sustainable long-term returns.”

As well as this, Artvera combines its investment offering with top-down macroeconomic analysis in order to evaluate across a wide range of asset classes, as well as rigorous bottom-up micro analysis to establish the most appropriate blend of investment vehicles within its preferred asset classes.

“We invest across the globe and diversify our investments among all asset classes. This is essential in order to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Our diversification principle is at the same time based of not overriding the selection of good long-term and more concentrated investments versus poor or inefficient but much diversified investments.”

To fully meet the needs of its clients and their families, Artvera can also provide lifestyle advisory services, which cover a wide range of family issues, such as international relocation to the UK, UK residency and citizenship, education, healthcare, and concierge services in the UK.

“Our wealth management services go beyond managing of our clients’ assets and encompass all financial aspects of our clients’ life,” elaborates Artur, who has more than 27 years of solid working experience in the financial services sector, of which 13 years were spent in banking and more than 14 years were in investment management.

Prior to establishing the firm in November of 2012, Artur worked on top managerial positions as Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Vice-President in several leading Russian banks, including banks belonging to large international banking groups such as Raiffeisen Bank, Nordea Bank and worked in different boutique hedge funds and investment advisory firms in the USA.

Artur possesses deep and fundamental knowledge of macro and microeconomics, financial management, accounting, reporting, and auditing and has a comprehensive experience and expertise in managing investments in developed and emerging markets.

Artur received his MBA degree from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business (USA) and prior to that his PhD degree in Economics from State University of Management (Russia) which he previously graduated from with the Diploma in Accounting & Audit.

In order to deepen his knowledge in specific areas Artur also received a number of professional certificates and qualifications: Qualification Certificate in Brokerage and Dealer Activity from The Federal Financial Markets Service (Russia) and a number of certificates in the UK covering the following areas: UK Corporate Governance, UK Conduct Regime, UK Market Abuse, UK Data Protection, UK Anti Money Laundering, UK Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC).

Artur has used his knowledge and expertise to shape Artvera’s core values and principles, and they include:

Independency – being completely independent from global and large-scale financial institutions.

Focus – being fully focused and dedicated to delivering exceptional quality of services to clients’ satisfaction, with the top priority being to always deliver the best possible level of service and investment performance.

Open architecture – not selling any financial products as many large banks and other financial institutions do. Instead Artvera provides its clients with the best possible investment and wealth planning solutions existing in the market by using either its own in-house solutions or external providers’ investment and wealth planning strategies.

Alignment of interests – a primary revenue stream in the form of annual management fee fluctuates according to the value of Artvera’s clients’ portfolios on which it is based. These interests are therefore closely aligned with creating strong, sustainable long-term performance for clients.

“Being privately owned boutique company allows us to avoid any conflicts of interests and bureaucracy which usually arise between different departments within large financial corporations,” Artur comments regarding the company’s values. “This helps us to be very flexible and reactive and always act in the best interests of our clients putting their interests ahead of our own at all times.”

In the wealth management business, professional and personal characteristics of a firm’s staff are extremely important. “Unlike in other financial businesses when you can never meet your clients in person, a wealth management business is highly personalised by definition as every client is unique with his own specific preferences, needs and expectations which any successful wealth management company should be able to meet and always try to exceed.”

Artvera, as an authorised and licensed (by FCA, UK) wealth management company, applies a boutique-style approach and a multi-family office business model with the full legal, financial and moral responsibility to the underlying clients for the quality of all the services provided regardless of whether or not any other external services providers are engaged by Artvera and this is something which is set to continue for the future.

Due to the constantly rising demand among its Clients Artvera Private Wealth Management is going to make a special focus on alternative investments as a part of its wider investment management services and soon will be offering its clients specifically designed selection of alternative investment funds in private equity, real estate, and various hedge funds strategies.  

Having recently been recognised in the Corporate Vision Awards and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Most Outstanding Wealth Management Boutique 2022 – United Kingdom, Artur and the team at Artvera have their sights firmly set on company growth.

“We’re currently planning to significantly expand our client base by opening additional offices and by building long-term partnerships with the local players on the most attractive markets in countries with actively developing economies,” Artur comments. “And due to the constantly rising demand among our clients, Artvera Private Wealth Management is going to make a special focus on alternative investments as a part of our wider investment management services and soon will be offering our clients specifically designed selection of alternative investment funds in private equity, real estate and various hedge funds strategies.”

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