Premium Product at Zero Fees for International Money Transfers to Africa

The team at PayAngel

It is easy to see why PayAngel has garnered a reputation for excellence – it offers a best-in-class product for its industry, and it prioritises customers. The service is designed to offer multiple benefits that focus on meeting the transfer and payment needs of its clients without compromising security, reliability, and speed. Indeed, as the Best Specialty International Money Transfer Service – 2022, PayAngel is transforming the industry through making international transfers to Africa quick, simple, and easy.

Designed by Africans for Africans, PayAngel serves as the premium yet the cheapest way to transfer money to the continent quickly and without any hidden costs. The platform is easy, simple, and convenient, and it vows to be there for you – rain or shine. The days of waiting hours or even days for transfers to process are long gone. PayAngel delivers almost instantly, and it does it all for zero fees. In essence, it is a money transfer platform that you can trust.

How does PayAngel work? All you need is to sign up with a valid phone number and a few identifying details. Next, simply add your receiver’s details, the amount you want to send, and securely pay for your transfer and then leave the rest to PayAngel. Indeed, whilst you sit back and relax, PayAngel handles the rest and will even keep you updated through text and/or email! As of the second quarter of 2022, the company is accepting customers from the UK, Canada, and Australia, and is set to expand to the United States and to re-enter the rest of Europe.

PayAngel spoils you with choice. Customers can choose to use the company’s App or the Website, or even contact them via telephone to complete transfers. Their platform is straightforward and offers all the information you need to make informed decisions about your transfers. For example, it clearly lays out all the available service channels, the forms of payments that they accept, and all the different options for recipients to receive their money. As PayAngel promises: ‘We do not impose on you; we offer you choices so you can choose what works best for you. Be the boss and take control of your money. What’s more, you do not need a middleman, you can pay for goods and services directly and get your money’s worth (no middleman tax).’

As such, the company’s Website has acquired numerous positive reviews. An example being ‘I will highly recommend PayAngel as the best and most convenient money transfer service in the UK. They always have great rates and I’m able to easily pay with my debit card/bank transfer. The client service provided in case there [are] any issues is also exceptional as they guided [and] assisted me through the whole process via text and call, till it was resolved, and the money was successfully sent.’

The PayAngel App similarly boasts of a plethora of positive comments. Known for its greater simplification of the transfer process, the app enables users to save their payment details, view past transfers, and pay for mortgages, bills, loans, and more. It is designed to offer the customer with choice, convenience, speed, and, importantly, to help them save money. This reinforces the company’s mission to provide Africans with a better way to transfer money and to offer fairer transfer cost which is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Judging by customer feedback, PayAngel genuinely cares about its users, delivering products and services that meet their idiosyncratic needs. Evidently, customers appreciate the value that PayAngel offers. Consequently, after more than a thousand ratings across all platforms as of July 2022, the company has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of five. It has been described as the ‘best app ever’, ‘excellent’, and ‘people’s favourite transfer app to use’. Another review reads as follows:

‘I have been using PayAngel for more [than] five years and I find their services excellent. I am extremely impressed to see them come up with a new mobile App. I find it to be amazing and l know for sure they will continue to improve their services and develop great products and services in the new year, 2021. PayAngel is my only platform for sending funds to family and friends. I will highly recommend their services to you.’

There is a lot of evidence to convince customers to make the switch to PayAngel, but if that is not enough, then its abundance of rewards will turn your head. The PayAngel Rewards program allows you to send and earn money at the same time, with its top affiliates earning thousands of pounds every year. In addition, PayAngel provides free life insurance to recipients – meaning that the company not only cares about the senders but also the recipients.

It is, therefore, clear to see why PayAngel has earned the title of Best Specialty International Money Transfer Service – 2022. The company consistently strives to exceed its customers’ expectations and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that customers receive all round exceptional service.

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