Setting Up a Home Office During COVID-19

home office

If you’re required to work from home during the current coronavirus pandemic, you may find it a bit of a challenge to set yourself up to work without finding that your environment feels cluttered, disorganized and disruptive for the other members of your family. In this article, we explore a few ways in which you can set up a practical, functional home office.


Find the Right Space

This first step is absolutely vital. Consider what you need to do your work well, then think through the areas of your house to decide which is the most suitable. A good view and natural light always help with mood and morale, so think about setting up near a large window if there is one. Do you need privacy? Quiet? A lot of space? Enough sockets? You may not get everything on your wish list, but aim for at least a few. Don’t limit yourself to areas with suitable surfaces; furniture can be moved or a new desk purchased if need be. Wherever you set up your home office, you should try not to get in the way of others at home, as squabbles are the last thing you need when you’re all trapped indoors together.


Consider Health and Comfort

Crouching in an armchair or perching on a stool at a kitchen island may be fun and novel for the first few weeks, but you’ll soon start to notice discomfort, particularly in your back and neck. It’s definitely worth thinking about a new office chair and desk. Preferably, both should feature ergonomic design elements to help you maintain a good posture. You can also find accessories to attach to your existing desk and chair, such as lumbar cushion, mesh back supports and desk height converters.


New Tech

Is your current internet connection fast enough to run all of the programs and systems required to do your job? Is your computer of the right standard? Of course, your employer should be able to provide you with all of the tools you need to keep up with their demands, but this isn’t always possible. Upgrading your set-up can be expensive, but it’s possible to take out a personal loan in order to finance everything you require, or just to cover your costs until you receive reimbursement from your employer. You can get matched with loan options in less than 60 seconds with favorable interest rates and terms.



It’s difficult to know how long it will be before things can return to normal, so it’s a good idea to get comfortable and create a working environment that you can enjoy long-term. You might consider redecorating the whole space, or simply decluttering and adding a couple of attractive features such as plants or pictures. We highly recommend working with the curtains open, or even the window if it’s warm enough, to stay connected to the outside world. The effort will definitely be worth it. After all, a pleasant workspace can help to relieve stress and make you far more productive.