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Blue Beat Digital has evolved greatly since its founding in South Africa. Backed by inspirational figures like Elon Musk, it serves as no surprise that the company is on a mission to make a global impact, all the while serving clients with enthusiasm and integrity. The accolade of Most Outstanding Mobile Distribution Specialists 2022 – California is simply another title for the company to add to its flourishing inventory as it continues to expand and blossom.

Stemming from humble beginnings in South Africa, Blue Beat Digital has since become a leading digital marketing and e-commerce company based out of the United States. Be it selling some of the world’s most recognized mobile accessory brands, distributing SIM cards, or developing its own innovative mobile phone accessories, the company strives to provide quality. It is efficient, creative, and highly-skilled in marketing and sales, with the company’s founder Barry Taitz describing it as, ‘Thriving on the opening of digital doors, whether it be third party e-commerce sites or your own digital platform with the application of very different and unique marketing techniques. The objective is to capture the customer, and the brand essence on all the different platforms.’

Serving as a leader in the mobile distribution industry, Blue Beat Digital is constantly on the edge of market transformations. Indeed, it is simply a matter of ‘innovate or die,’ a phrase often used by Barry Taitz. This mindset has ensured the company’s success, allowing it to grow from a one-man, door-to-door sales company in South Africa to an industry titan. It infuses each aspect of the company, motivating the team to push for something more – for more success and, ultimately, a bigger and better future.

As such, this has been further bolstered by Taitz’ philosophy on business, ‘it’s best not to be an oil tanker, but rather the tugboat. An oil tanker is heavy, slow, and hard to change its course in comparison to a tugboat which is small, nimble, fast, and very powerful and therefore able to change the course of its direction very quickly.’  In essence, this implies that in order to adapt and navigate an internationally-known business, it is best to be the tugboat. Within this analogy, Blue Beat Digital is, of course, the tugboat, adapting to industry changes and global crises to ensure its survival.

Taitz, as the CEO, almost serves as a ‘tugboat’ within the wider ‘tugboat’ of the company. The well-recognized entrepreneur, innovator, and change agent guides Blue Beat Digital, evolving his leadership style in accordance with the company’s adaption, as these are interlinked to guarantee seamlessness and harmony. Henceforth, he no longer sees mistakes as errors, but as learning opportunities that have the potential to inspire and foster growth. Taitz, when talking about the challenges of his role, comments that, ‘As a CEO you are often in the limelight and expected to show direction, guidance, and inspiration therefore the margin for error is small.’ It is with this firmly in mind that he has implemented numerous boundaries that have allowed for the freedom of energy and time to tackle the company’s priorities and, consequently, remain ahead of the curve of innovation. 

Behind the company’s success lies multiple sources of inspiration, primarily Elon Musk, a fellow South African entrepreneur and inventor. Labelled as ‘challenging’ and a ‘daydreamer’ as a child, Musk has since become one of the richest people on the planet, founding companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company. His inventions and investments have changed the world for the better, be it through promoting electric cars, or the exploration of the universe. In turn, Taitz found inspiration within Musk’s story, and endeavoured to expand his global business visions for the telecom industry based upon Musk’s success. Indeed, he recognised that Musk started out just like him and that if he can transform the world then anyone with grit and determination absolutely can. 

Consequently, this has become the company’s overarching mission – to change the world and acquire wealth. Whilst at first this may sound self-serving, Taitz believes that wealth is for the greater good. Through Blue Beats Digital, he has found an outlet to be creative and a game-changer, which then results in a steady income stream. In turn, he holds the opinion that having wealth amplifies the person that you are, and that if you live with abundance, you can share and distribute your wealth and services. As a result, having the ability to give and decide who you help everyday makes you a better person, and is the true measure of success.

Henceforth, Blue Beat Digital is an entirely client-centric business. It places the customer as the number one priority, as they are the driving force behind the business, and are the ones that guarantee the company’s longevity. Searching for common ground between itself and the client, Blue Beat Digital intends on forging relationships with each and every client that uses its services. Additionally, it takes customer feedback to heart, viewing it as a way to positively change and enhance the company. In certain cases, the initial impulse can be to react, yet the company chooses to step back and evaluate before offering a response. It is imperative for the team to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the feedback, as this often results in a revitalised performance mindset for our dealers who are the custodians for the company’s distribution network.

This is an exceptional benefit in such an industry. Complimented by efficiency and quality, Blue Beat Digital has cultivated a method to capture and hold the attention of its customers. Further, it does this through understanding and recognising how to communicate to its market and, in turn, evolving them from a once off purchase to a loyal customer. This ability has enabled Blue Beat Digital to thrive within a busy and overly-saturated market as it can effectively cut through the noise to strike the minds of clients.

On the contrary, the Covid-19 pandemic threatened businesses around the globe, forcing many to enter periods of closure. It was Blue Beat Digital’s devotion to adaptation that kept the company afloat through this turbulent time – it turned towards selling and distributing PPE across the United States. Furthermore, Blue Beat Digital launched a “million mask contribution challenge,” which received a great amount of support and was a success. As an immigrant with a plethora of global connections, Taitz viewed this crisis as an opportunity to benefit the lives of American people.

2022 is set to be a fruitful year for Blue Beat Digital. Numerous plans are coming to life over the next year, namely the empowerment of more individuals in order to secure a wider range of deals. Moreover, the company hopes to continue its efforts within the sponsorship of events, with one of its current ventures being the sponsorship of drifting race events across different continents. However, the company’s guiding mission – the one that it truly hopes to pursue – is to share and distribute resources and knowledge with as many businesses as possible.

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Barry Taitz
Barry Taitz, CEO